Friday, June 10, 2011

True Confessions #3: We Can't Stay Away from As Seen on TV

It's true folks. The Beutler's can't seem to stay away from "As Seen On TV" products. They have a strange pull on us, and I can't figure out why. Every time I see a new As Seen commercial, I announce to anyone within ear shot "That is the dumbest thing ever! Who would buy one of those!"

Two months later I'm all curled up on the sofa wearing a Snuggie. (And by the way, did you know that someone had the audacity to copy the product and call it a Slanket!  The nerve.)

I don't know who's to blame for this behavior. I thought it was the kids because there's always an "As Seen" product on their Christmas lists . . . the Bump-it, the Reacher, the Perfect Brownie Pan. But then, I found myself wishing for a Pedi-Egg which someone, I won't say who, was nice enough to buy me because they got sick of me using up all the sand paper hidden in the garage. (That was probably a little too much TMI right there, but that's what happens when you talk about As Seen products, they get you to say all sorts of crazy things.)

Last week, I went outside to do some yard work. Low and behold, this was sitting on the patio.

That's right, we are now the proud owners of a Topsy Turvey. I found this quite amusing since we have massive amounts of space to plant a garden, were it not for the ant hills, gophers, and other living creatures who make their home there.

Just as I was about to make fun of the person who took the time to purchase the Topsy and load it with tomato plants, I found myself saying "I've always wondered if those things work."  And I admit it -- I'm excited to see if it will produce hundreds of tomatoes As Seen on TV!!!

That's the answer right there.

We purchase these products because we wonder if it's really as amazing as it appears in the commercial. Those people using the products look so happy and thrilled to have all their pesky problems solved. I mean, who hasn't become so tangled up in a blanket while trying to read a book that you felt like tearing you hair out!  How did we live before a pan that instantly slices 18 brownies all at once!

Fess up friends.  Didn't you feel like life would be so much better if you could own a heated chip and dip tray?

I have to say, I have to admire all those problem solvers out there, who are making millions because they had the courage to take a chance. I'm using that as my excuse, next time I'm standing in the checkout line at Walmart, and see the lure of "As Seen" gleaming from the shelf -- I'm buying this to support the little guy.


P.S. In case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, I have my eye on The Perfect Meatloaf.


Paula Montalvo said...

Well since you confessed, I will confess too! I absolutely LOVE my topsy turvy!!! It rocks and works better than any other way I have planted tomatoes before. Blessings Paula

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

You're always throwing these off-the-wall things out there that make me love you even more. Seriously, you guys are cool.

Nanette said...

Okay...I have a super deluxe Snuggie AND the breast cancer awareness ped egg.
Bobby and I keep talking about the Topsy Turvy-please let us know if it works because we are dying to have the strawberry one. :)

Pammiej2002 said...

My husband LOVES the Topsy Turvy! He has grown tomatoes the past two years but this year we are trying out the strawberry one.

Loved your post!

Land family said...

I don't know what we are doing wrong-my husband is the sucker for "As Seen on TV" ads here. Our Topsy Turvy was a major failure-MAJOR!!!We have a snuggie, I don't get that excited about it but the kids too, and our Sham-Wow was not the real one (which totally overjoyed my kids-the ads say "don't be fooled by other companies"--and he so did!)

The Sanderson Fam said...

Remember the "Split-ender" Yeah... I fell for that one, as well as Power 90, Windsor Pilates (with the tension hoop!)Always been curious about the bump-it and have you seen those little snaps that make your jeans work with EVERY shoe in your closet! I must say my all time favorite As Seen info-mercials are for the Pajama Jeans and the BootyPop!! Yes if you haven't seen these products you better go you-tube the infomercial... priceless! Ridiculously funny!! Can't wait to see how your tomatos grow... all the ones I've seen have had dead plants hanging out of them ;)

Dyana365 said...

I think you have met your match..we are die hard as seen on t.v. Consumers. In fact, we have the exact same topsy turvy. We are on year two with it and, though it looks like it belongs in a mobile home park, it yields an abundance in tomatoes. I love it! No snails or weeds. Have you tried Hercules hooks? Mighty putty? I love thatbyou can get them all at target and walmart. In fact, I got my perfect brownie pan at Staples of all places. :)