Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Afternoon at Le Park

  If I lived in Lyon, I would come here every day.

Lying there on the grass with my eyes closed, it felt like the days at Liberty Park with my grandparents.

The air felt the same, cool and breezy.
But instead of geese and a pond . . . .

there were spotted deer,

and a house that I wished I could live in.
There was a beautiful boat house, 

And beautiful boats.
And instead of grandparents, there were two children, who mocked their mother.
Fortunately for the two children, their mother thought it was amusing.

P.S.  As I write this, there is more mocking, this time about the post, and the possible comments that will follow.    Those of you with toddlers, this is what you have to look forward to.



Bethany said...

Oh, mygosh. I am still a child. I still tease my mother just like your kids tease you.

The good news is that you can tease Eden about twirling his hair. :)

Angie said...

Love it! Too, too funny. Of course, I am not showing this to the girls...I don't want them to get any ideas. :)

Lyndsay said...

That video was awesome! :)

Brittany said...

I laughed so hard at this video! My cousin and I used to do this to my mom and our grandmother in the Christopher and Banks store that they always tooks us to which they LOVED! "Oh, look at these fabrics! Look at these textures! Oh!!" And now I feel kinda bad about it...but this video still makes me laugh! :)

Jenni said...

bwah! they are a hoot! my kids will probably be doing this to me when they get older too, for now, the hubs takes on this role! he hates that i take pictures of everything and gets so annoyed that i want to take them all of the time!