Saturday, July 16, 2011

Check One Off The Bucket List

Funnest day ever -- cooking with a French chef.

First we took a tour of the market . . .

. . . which included a cheese tasting.

Then we went to the home of Chef Jean Marc.  He built a little culinary school in his back yard.  

We spent the afternoon peeling, chopping, stirring, and sauteing . . . .

Claire was nervous about eating asparagus flan in grapefruit reduction.  Flan and asparagus are her least favorite foods.

But she discovered that when cooking, one must let go of pre-conceived notions, and try.  The flan it was as delicious as it looked.

And so was the fish in roasted tomatos and vegetable tureen.  Can you believe we made this!

Even Eden, the pickiest eater alive, loved all of it.

His favorite was the fruit in lime gelee and lemon verbnea sorbet.  We made this too (except the sorbet)!

My favorite was eating out in the garden with Jean Marc and Alice.

I have to get back here some day and do this again.  Who wants to come with me????



Eunice said...

How fun! How did you find such an intimate experience? Did you stay with them too?

Chessa said...

Um..Me! Me! Me! I think we need a re-do and that all looks divine!

Genevieve said...


AMCutler said...

Please can I come?? I am so jealous!

Jenni said...

how cool is that?!
what an amazing experience!
i am so happy that you were able to do something like this in a place so beautiful!