Thursday, July 28, 2011

It Was Nap Time.

It began as I was standing at the sink in the women's restroom at Walmart; a loud wail coming from a small human that I guessed to be around the age of two.   I dried my hands and walked back to my cart as the sound progressed to a noise not unlike an animal caught in a trap; ear-piercing screaming, the kind that brings on a headache.

I meandered to the back of the store where the fabric section is located.  It used to be a lovely large area with stools that sat under a table full of pattern catalogues.  Somewhere between now and the last time I paid a visit to this particular store, it was reduced to one isle with a pittiful shelf of fabric.  I'm pretty sad about that, let me tell you.  Super Walmarts aren't that super if you ask me.

As I continued my way around the store,  I heard several people commenting about the loud shreeks and sobs that had not ceased since I had left the sink in the bathroom.

"It must be naptime" said one redhaired woman in short, shorts with a colored tatoo of a snake crawling down her leg.   "Yeah, definately naptime", responded her companion with a half pixie half mohawk hairdo.

I was thinking that very thing myself as I tossed three cans of hair spray into my cart.   I commented to no one in particular, "Boy, I'm so glad those days are over" as I added two rolls of paper towels to my booty.

The Fit-Thrower came into view just as I pulled into the checkout stand.   Cute as a button with curly blonde hair, she was red faced, sweaty, and still kicking as her poor mother tried to push her out the double doors with two gray haired women in pursuit.

As I watched my purchases travel down the runway, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that those gray haired ladies were giving the Fit-Thrower's mother a piece of their mind.  I know because I remember getting those same lectures from annoyed empty-nesters; the rolled-eyes and the "huff" that followed a curt "I never let my children get away with that!"

I felt so sorry for Mother Fit-Thrower.   I really did.

I will never understand how old people suddenly become alert when they hear the scream of a naughty child; they usually don't hear high pitched sounds.   Why do they find it necessary to chastise a young parent who's in the midst of dealing with their off-spring's fit?  It' obviously frustrating and embarrassing.

Don't they remember that sometimes, Moms do what they have to do, especially when they are out of the essentials like diapers, fruit snacks . . . and Diet Coke?

I think someone needs to invent a little warning sign that parents can attach to their shopping cart.  Sort of like the one you put in the rear window of your car that says "Baby on Board."

But this one would say:

Stay Back!!! Frustrated Mother Who Already Knows Her Children Are Annoying You!

Maybe then, shoppers suffering from memory loss would get a clue.

And it just might remind me, when I am gray-haired, tired, and ready for a nap, not to throw a fit in a public place by giving a frustrated mother a piece of my mind.   You have my permission to pinch me, just in case I forget.

Post Script written October 1st, 2011 - Wishes do come true.  Guess what's back at my local Walmart -- the fabric department!!!  


Genevieve said...

I'm actually writing a book on this very topic...currently it's titled, "Go F-yourself"...I need a PC title LOL

Bethany said...

I was walking out of a Target one night with my two and four year olds. I heard a woman behind me say something about "stupid woman who brings her child out into the cold without a coat on"... And it hit me that I was the stupid mother and that she meant for me to hear that. She was reprimanding me for negligently freezing my child in the November air. My two year old was indeed without a coat. I thought of explaining to her that we were in Target to look for a replacement coat that had been very recently lost and that Target hadn't had any in my child's size... But I figured that I didn't owe that idiot an explanation. So I let her have her moment of glory. I hope she felt validated by it.

Lyndsay said...

Are you sure it wasn't a pig-tailed Maya screaming? I try not to get too worked up when my kids freak out in the store. I just keep on going like normal. If it's REALLY bad, I drop everything and carry Maya out in a football hold. That only happened once at the mall. But my kids freak out a lot, so I suppose I am used to it. No matter how much "good" or "bad" parenting I am doing, they are the way they are. They have really big spirits crammed into really little bodies, and a lacking vocabulary with which to express themselves. And I am forcing them to go grocery shopping without eating any of the amazing things staring them in the face?! Of COURSE they are going to freak out. I don't blame them. :) At least Finn's getting old enough to understand it's not polite to act that way, if he can at all help it. And at least Maya no longer slams her head backwards onto concrete floors when she's having a tantrum. Small victories, right?

Eve said...

I can't believe how mean moms can be to each other. We have all been there and nobody wants to have the screaming child in walmart. It's awful. When Wren was two we had a special moment in the underwear section where she sprawled out on the ground and lost her mind. It's funny now, it really wasn't then.

Brittany said...

I love your post, Crystal, because that is exactly what us moms with shopping carts full of children need! People to back-off and realize we are having just as much un-fun as they are when the little ones are having a hard day. :)

crystal b. said...

I just loved what Lyndsay wrote. Why didn't I realize all that when I had little ones? It would have made all those store fits a little more bearable. Thank you oh wise woman!

AMCutler said...

Perfect post! I try to do my shopping at night when the girls are in bed, but sometimes you just have to get out! Especially for important things like a little trim or buttons for something to sew to keep me from going crazy! Love your stories.