Friday, August 12, 2011

Generation Gap.

Well, it's official.  I'm totally "out of it."

This afternoon I made the mistake of saying:

Eden, I had a blast hanging out with you and your friends last week on the way up to Utah.  Wasn't it fun?


He looked at me as he was taking off his riding boots and said: Mom, you have got to stop talking like you wish you were back in the 70's.  It's SO embarrassing.

A voice from upstairs chimed in:  Yeah Mom, when you say "groovy"  and "hip" you sound like some old person stuck in the past who's trying to be "with it."  Words like that don't mean anything to us, you know that don't you?

(Another moment of silence.)

Me:   You know I'm only kidding when I use those phrases, right?  I'm not seriously saying "groovy," it's an attempt at being humorous -- in a Scooby Doo sort of way." You know, the way I sometimes say"Rot-row"  instead of "Oh No!"  

Believe me when I tell you Eden, I NEVER used the word "groovy" in the 70's.  I would have sounded like a total nerd!

Eden:  Yeah, my point exactly.   Plus, even if you are trying to be funny, it's not funny, it's dumb.  You need to get Urban Dictionary and find some new words that people get Mom.  We don't say "hip" or "groovy,"  we say "sick!"

(Crickets chirping.)

I never thought this would be happening to me.   I'm cool, right?

Rot-row.   I feel like I'm in a Brady Bunch episode when Marsha and Greg break the news to Mike and Carol that they aren't "with it" while Alice (who is definitely not "with it") is bustling around in the background preparing meat loaf.  Carol tears up and buries her face in Mike's psychedelic dress shirt and sadly proclaims "Ohhhh Mike."

My kids left for McDonalds, and I teared up, but there was no Mike's shoulder to cry on.  Mike's in Brazil this week and I must bear this news on my own.

There was no Alice to make meatloaf either, just a guy in the back yard mowing the grass.  But we aren't  BFF's like Carol and Alice, so I couldn't talk to him.  He might just freak out if I walked outside and said Ohhhhh Manuel!

 Here I go again -- "freak out."  What do they say now days if you are distraught?  I don't even know!

I don't want get with it.  Can you just imagine me saying "Dude, that was sick!" to a bunch of teenagers?

Talk about sounding dumb and embarrassing.  If I uttered those words, I would look like some old person who was desperately trying to be cool.

That would not be funny.

Not funny at all.

You will never hear me say that . . .

until I have grand kids.

I guarantee you, thirty years from now, it will be hysterical.

Who wouldn't laugh at some 80 year old woman who jubilantly declares in a little granny voice

Dude, that was sick!

My grandkids will roar with laughter.

I just know it.



Eunice said...

Imho, you are one sick chick :-]

Bethany said...

I want to know what genius decided that "sick" was a good replacement for "cool". Cause that dude is a loser! And if using the word "awesome" is lame, (and I'm assuming that "lame" is lame too), then I am an uber dork. Which is fine because that persona goes well with my wardrobe.

steelebjm said...

I am enjoying the mental image of your 80 year old self. :)

Lyndsay said...

I say cool, and awesome, and blast, and sometimes even neat. And the YW in my ward say cool and awesome. I've never heard them say sick. Just sayin'. I think you're pretty groovy. ;)

P.S. tell Eden that in the film industry everyone says awesome. And cool. And even phenomenal. But the last one only if they want to sound lame...

Eve said...

I read this to Greg while we were in the car today and we were both dying. I even impersonated your granny voice at the end. I refuse to say "sick", too. It's stupid and if that makes me old, I'm okay with that. :)

AMCutler said...

Do you think when my girls are teenagers and I'm old enough to actually BE their grandma, it will be funnier when I say all the wrong words? I guess not...I'm in so much trouble.