Monday, August 8, 2011

Home again, but not really.

Two more days and I can stop the whirl-wind running.  I keep chanting that phrase in my head -- two more days, two more days. 

Does that sound mean?  I hope not.   I loved having a break from the routine --  staying up late, sleeping in late, eating junk, road trips . . . I've played hard, but now summer's unscheduled laziness is getting to me.  I need order.

The weekend was crazy busy with Queen Bee and BlogHer.   Now it's on to registering kids for school, grocery store, laundry, cleaning up the disasters that appeared at home while I was away, laundry, open house, laundry and jewelry boutique, shopping for school supplies.

I dread going over to Walmart -- it's going to be a mad-house there; almost as bad as Black Friday, except today it will be a battle for pens and graph paper.

Wednesday morning, as soon as that school bell rings, I'm heading straight for the diner where I am going to order an extra large beverage with lime and relax.  Anyone want to join me??


P.S.   Stephanie is so lovely.   She beams.   I'll have to tell you about running into her on my way to the bathroom at Blogher.    Maybe you should come to the diner so you can hear the details.

P.S.S.  I'm being attacked by ants.  I just felt some crawling on my arm.  


Nanette said...

Whew! This post makes me tired and I only read it! You deserve that beverage with lime and a high five from PA!
Your summer sounds busy but lovely!

Eunice said...

Was this your first time seeing Stephanie in person? I know you've had an online friendship for a long time.