Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jack of All Trades

Today was one of those days that I got a lot done.  I like days like today.

I walked 3 miles with the dog.
I cleaned the house.
I did three loads of laundry, folded it, and put it all away.
I snaked the drains in the kid bathroom.
I went grocery shopping.
I filmed a video -- a tour of my house, for a woman who lives back east and can't come her to look at it in person.
I edited the video, added sound, and uploaded it to U-Tube.
I created two t-shirt designs for the high school.
I created a outdoor banner design for an attorney.
I went to a meeting for a non-profit group called The Gingham Project.
I picked 4 kids up from horseback riding and took them to dinner.
And, I made some jewelry.

Once in a while, like now, I like to write it all down so that I can remember I am productive.
Next time someone asks me What to you do all day?,  I won't draw a blank.

And when I start to worry that I could never go back to work because I've been out of the job market for so long, I have something to remind me that I've got enough skills to fill up a few pages on a resume.  It can be summed up in four simple words:

Jack of All Trades.



Eve said...

Last I checked, you do work! You have Crystal B and R&R and probably ten other things in the works.

I love days like that, too, though!

Nancy said...

Love the list. super productive. I might put "jack of all trades" as my next "occupation" filler. Love that!

Kelly said...

Girl, I need your motivation and energy! The list keeps getting longer, but "keeping toddler out of the toilet, dryer, pantry, and dishwasher" always end up at the top of the list. :)

Bethany said...

Um, more like MASTER of all trades! Hello!! I would kill for a day as productive as that. Small children suck the life out of me. But I love em anyway. :)

Jenni said...

whew! wore me out just reading about it! sounds like a perfect day to me!!!