Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Awkward Look.

Apparently it's the new photo op trend for teens.

Last night, I took lots of pictures at the homecoming game.
Every single time I said "Hey, let me take your picture!" I got this look.




I didn't ask for a funny pose.
I wanted a cute pose.
Teenagers act strange sometimes.

That's ok though.
I acted strange when I was a teenager too.

It was the first game of the season, and homecoming.
Not sure I liked having both on the same day.
But it's not up to me, is it?

School spirit was in the air.
Everyone was wearing red, even babies and small dogs.
Except me.
I was wearing purple.
That's what I get for ignoring all the high school emails.

These guys took spirit to the max.

I'm glad I'm not their mother.
Would you want to scrub the shower, or wash towels after this?
But it's a memory, right?

I loved the energy in the stands.
It was the boys who got the crowd excited about the game.
Some stood in front of the cheerleaders and got the crowd going by yelling chants.
Others ran around the track in weird outfits.
Boys in mass have never done that at the game before.
It rocked.

Somehow when the males get into the fun, it gives a stamp of approval on the event.
When they are pumped, everyone is pumped.
I hope it lasts all season long.


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Eve said...

Ha those pictures are funny. I have enough pictures of me that look like that without trying.