Monday, September 19, 2011

I Finally Got Around To It.

The thing about taking lots of pictures . . . .
it takes forever to edit all of them.
Or maybe I am just slow.

Here are a few of my favorites from Blue Lily - Go Pro photography palooza in Park City.

Love riding the lift in the summer.  
It's so quiet, 
and so beautiful.  
I hate getting off though.
 I always worry I'll fall flat on my face.  
It's happened before.
Super embarrassing.
Especially when the ski lift guys snicker under their breath.

At the top of Deer Valley, on the edge of a cliff. 
I kept wondering why we all had head aches,
then I saw the sign marker that said
9,000 feet above sea level.

Rock posing . .  .

made me a nervous wreck.

Especially when someone would loose their balance.
My hands were sweating.

I was relieved when Sandi sat down.
She was performing all sorts of daring stunts.

I loved how small these two looked against all of that green.
If I lived in Park City, I'd want to come up here every day,
just to look at this view.

I loved meeting new people.
Marti was so much fun.

 And so was Chris . . . 
and the rest of the gang.
I miss them.

I get to see Meg again this week! 
That makes 3 times in 6 weeks.
And we didn't even plan it!

When I saw this view 
I thought of Julie Andrews. 
I had to sing in my loudest voice 
The hills are alive . . . 
But I didn't twirl around. . .
because I was on the edge of the cliff.
That would have been foolish.

I miss wild flowers . . .

 wandering through meadows . . .
and wading in streams.

So. Much.

After Deer Valley,
we rented a canoe,
and drove to a lake.

We saw a family of moose!  
 {What's the plural for moose?  Is is moose?}
Seeing moose is thrilling,
especially when they are the opposite side of the lake.

Wendy looks like a scout on an expedition. 
 Actually, she was a scout on an expedition.
She wasn't looking at the mooses though.
She was trying to figure out what to do with these guys . . .

I loved this bride and groom.

Did I mention that they were on their honeymoon?

I'm sure they had better things to do than
drive to Kamas, 

and paddle around in a canoe,
with thunder clouds billowing in the distance.

I was grateful they were willing to help
an amateur photographer
like me.



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Carole said...

Great photos! It sure looks like fun. I wish I'd seen those moose....I've been looking for some since last autumn!

songskatesang said...

Oh, I love that photo of Megan! She looks stunning. Great photos, Crystal!