Thursday, September 22, 2011

Standing in Line with Boris

I ran into Boris again, the third time it's happened in 12 months.  I find it really random  that a middle age mom who makes jewelry, and a NASCAR driver keep bumping into each other while waiting in lines.  So weird.

I went to lunch with Chanin today, part of our Thursday routine.  We go right after bible study, and drag along another friend or two.  Dyanna joined us this time, which was fun.  She always has something exciting to talk about, like finishing another RAGNAR race, or attending an Osmond wedding {this weekend.}

Any-whoo, we drove over to Campini's, the local Italian deli.  We haven't been there in months, mainly because it's just too small for more than 6 people at a time, including your hand bag or computer carrying case.  It's problem, especially when you have a line of customers that extends out the front door.  Everyone in the room can hear your conversation; awkward, if you are talking about something personal, like what to wear to an Osmond wedding.  The crowded atmosphere doesn't seem to stop people from coming here though  -- even me, that's because Campinis has incredible food.   My favorite is the turkey and roasted red pepper panini.  Yum.

Fortunately for us, we arrived before the noon rush and nabbed a spot right next to the freezer full of pizza dough, and lasagna.  It was a tight squeeze sitting at a two-seater, but the three of us made due.

I placed my order at the front counter, walked two steps over to the soda machine and there he was.  I couldn't see his face, but I knew it was Boris.  That head of curly hair was a dead giveaway.  The first time I saw it -- the hair,  I was standing in a line at the airport terminal in San Diego.   I remember thinking:  Greg Brady during his perm phase.  And now,  I was behind the hair again having that same thought.

Boris filled his cup with iced tea while I filled mine with carbonation.  As we stood there filling he looked at me and said: Hi, how are you?

I expected him to have an accent, I seemed to recall Matt telling me Boris was French.  He didn't though, he sounded American.   Come to think of it, he sounded American the last time I heard him talking -- to the Avis car rental lady in Utah.  Sort of disappointing.  I was hoping to say "I just got back from France, LOVED it!"

Who knows where the conversation would have gone from there.  We could have discussed French bakeries, and the Gypsies who play music on the subways.  I may have been able to ask for a photo of the two of us -- at the soda machine, which would have made great souvineer for my race-car-crazed husband.

I didn't use the French line though.   I would have sounded crazy were Boris from some place like Milwaukee.  Instead, I put the lid on my drink and replied I'm doin' good!  How you doin?  It came out a little New Yorker-ish -- like Joey Tribiani,  which was unintentional on my part.  I must have been nervous; I normally speak Californian.

He said I'm doing great!  See you later, as he walked four steps and joined two gorgeous, supermodel-looking women sitting near the window.  I'm guessing they were race car fans. Supermodels would most likely be picking at a salad, not chewing on subs, which was what Boris and his friends were eating.

What brought them here?  That's what I want to know.  Were they all on their way to Las Vegas for a NASCAR race?    Is Boris a friend of the Campinis?  Maybe he's opening a K1 Speed in Old Town?   That would be kinda cool.   The Beutlers love in-door kart racing, except me.   I get dizzy driving around in circles, and watching cars driving around in circles -- which is why I've never seen a NASCAR race.  I would get car sick, and I hate that feeling.

Next time I see Boris, and I will, I'm going to quip:  We've got to stop meeting like this!  And just in case he looks confused, I'll hand him a card with my web address and say: Read my blog, it will all make sense.   And by the way, can I have your auto-graph?  Make it out to Matt.

{P.S.   Boris, if you are reading this, I'm just kidding about the hair, you really pull off the Greg Brady look.  I'm not joking about the go-karts though.  Open a track here!}



Amanda said...

I'm stopping by to say hello! I don't see your GFC - I want to follow!

Amanda said...

Refresh worked! Sorry 'bout that!

Melissa said...

I was just thinking about you and how awesome you are. I hope you're having a great weekend!

Ingrid @ said...

So great to meet you last night! Really enjoyed sitting next to you and chatting - you have such a gentle & kind heart...thank you for being so kind to me. I think the whole conference took me by surprise - I just loved seeing how kind everyone was and how comfortable it was. Made it 100xs better to sit next to you sweet friend. Hope you got home safe&sound - and had a chance to rest! You had a long drive home.
When you get info for craft weekend - let me know! I'd love to come!!!

Cuckooface said...

It was great meeting you at Blog Sugar! I hope to see you again soon. I'm off to check out your jewelry...