Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspired by Pinterest Linky Party - No. 1

 I did it!
It was a little miracle that I actually competed my first

Inspired by Pinterest Project

It was one of those days.
Why is it that everything "hits the fan" the minute you pull out your craft supplies?

Behold, the new Halloween door decoration:

I'm pleased as punch.

This is what I saw during one of my lurking sessions.

I actually love the way this looks as shown, but I didn't want to spend a ton of money buying supplies.
When I went shopping, I discovered full skeletons are expensive!
So I modified.

I ripped apart an old black wreath I bought a few years ago at JoAnns with a coupon - $7.00
Bought a bag of cemetery bones at Walmart - $9.00.  (Not a complete skeleton, but it worked.)
Made a sign with crepe paper I had lying around, and a few supplies I bought from my scapbooking friend Julie - $5.00.
It was her birthday, and she found time to cut some vinyl for me.
How nice is that.

The whole thing cost around $21.00.

If you want to make one of your own, here are a few tips:

Arrange the bones they way you want them to look before you start.

I did that, but a mystery child un-arranged them, and I didn't take time to redo it.
That was a mistake.
They looked better the first time.

Rig the main bone structure  to the wreath with some floral wire as you glue.
I used hot glue, but later found it started to come apart.
So I went back in with some E-6000, and more floral wire.

I cut a hole in the back of the skeleton head so that it would sit nicer on top of the other bones.

 Ta- Da!

Here it is again, in case you missed it the first time.

This is a pretty easy project.
Except for the part when I got burned with hot glue.
It's good to keep a glass of ice water nearby,
any time you use a hot glue gun.
I'm speaking from experience.

I feel so accomplished.

Come back next week and see the rest of the front door decorations,
which I didn't finish before the sun went down.  {Boo.}

Now it's your turn. Show us what you've been inspired to do.

Link up!!


tomiannie said...

I love love Pinterest. I've actually made lots of things (okay, most of them were food) but haven't had a chance to post any of them to my blog yet. Next time you have a linky party I will for sure!

Bethany said...

It does my spirit good to see people use actual Halloween decor, rather than sticking just to the fall leaves and pumpkins and non-scary objects. There's room for both, I'd say. :) Well done!

Ingrid @ said...

so fun! you did a great job....

Trish said...

i will have to link up next time hopefully! great linky idea ;)

Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

so cute! I haven't made anything lately will have to link up next time you do it..I'm teaching a RS class on cute gift ideas and EVERYTHING I'm making is coming from pinterest!

crystal b. said...

Loving the star made by Kristi. I need to know how to do that!!

AMCutler said...

I sent that same wreath picture to my sister because she loves Halloween. She's making it this weekend and she said she did the same thing...bought the cheap version of bones at Walmart!