Friday, September 30, 2011

My Corner of Chaos

Want to know what I'm doing all weekend long?
all weekend long?

I'm sitting in this corner and scanning boxes and boxes of photographs.
Then I'm going to fix them up in Lightroom,
and put them in my Drop Box.

It's time.
I've been carrying this stuff around for years,
it's time to get organized.

Oh, and I'm eating candy corn,
because it's officially October,
and that's what I do in October,
eat lots of candy corn.

Don't worry about me though,
I won't be alone.
I'm here,
with these fine folks.

A scrap-a-thon.
But I'm not scrapping,
I'm scanning.

I don't like scrap booking.
But I love paper,
and scrap booking products,
and these women.

Come Monday, I think I might be sick of sitting,
and eating candy corn.

For those of you who will be watching General Conference, enjoy the spirit.

I'll be doing that too.



Kim said...

Hi Girl! HAve so much fun! I hope you do a tute about this when you are finished. I need to scan too and maybe I will do it this weekend....I just don't know how to save all the files to somewhere other than my little computer ...soooo technically challenged. I also see another friend of mine at your scrapbook party....hello!!

Eve said...

So productive! I would end up just eating all the candy corn and sleeping in until noon.

forever folding laundry said...

Fun! That's my idea of
scrapbooking, too.
I really need to get my act
I'm so far behind it's shameful.

Hope you had fun!!


Cuckooface said...

I just downloaded Dropbox and am anxious to get started scanning. There are not enough hours in the day!