Monday, September 12, 2011


It wasn't my typical Sunday.
I usually spend the day in church with my family.
Then cooking a meal that includes a batch of ice cream.
If I'm lucky, I indulge in an afternoon nap.

Not today.

I spent the day in airports and airplanes.
Have you ever done that on September 11th?
It felt strange.
And a little scary.

There was extra, extra airport security.
Random bag checks as you boarded the plane.
Ramdom bag checks even after you got off the plane.
People seemed somber and nervous.
Including me.
Even though it was probably the safest day ever to fly.

When I got to Dallas, I sat in the terminal waiting for my next leg.
There was a television.
I saw the beginning of a football game.
Faces of firemen in their dress uniforms.
And a flag the size of the playing field being unfurled.
Then the Star Spangle Banner and faces in the crowd.

It was so emotional.
Sitting in the airport watching that.

Do you remember what you were doing that day?
Thee September 11th?
Then write it down.
Your children and your grandchildren will want to know,
where you were,
and how you felt,
 on the day that the Twin Towers fell to the ground.

I haven't done that yet,
written it down.
But on Sunday,
I remembered that I need to,
before I forget.

P.S.  Loved reading this post.  Thank you Teri.



Rosie said...

I thought about this as well this year. Writing where we were. How we felt. HOw old the children were.

Thanks for the reminder.

I always read-even though I haven't been commenting. I love your writing, it always makes me smile!

Jennifer said...

That is a great idea, I didn't think they might want to know what was happening in our lives that day,
Matthew was in NYC and I here in NH. My family has many ties to the fire department in NYC and my brother and nephews lost many of their friends.

Thanks for the idea. Take care of yourself, Jenny