Thursday, September 8, 2011

Todo We're Not In Temecula Anymore

I'm clicking my heels three times and flying to Kansas.
I'm visiting my friend Meg.
Can't wait to visit the barn.
I wonder if Miss Gulch owns it.
Maybe i will get to meet the Wizard.
Not really though cuz that would involve tornadoes and I'm terrified of them.
I will settle for the barn
And good weather.
Definitely good weather.


Terrie said...

Have a super fun time here in Kansas with Meg!! Weather will be gorgeous this tornados in sight! Happy Crafting! :)

kristinwithani said...

Incredibly jealous. Have SO MUCH FUN!

Terrie said... I just got home from Wichita and it was pouring, lightning & thundering. No tornados, but all I could think of was...I should have known better than to tell Crystal B. that there were no tornados in sight! It's Kansas...the weather can change in 5 minutes! Hope you are too busy crafting to notice the rain! LOL!!