Saturday, September 3, 2011

We All Scream for Ice Cream

That Chanin.
She's gone and done it now.
She called a couple of weeks ago and said:
Come over, I'm making ice cream cones, and homemade ice cream.
I need you to be the tester.

How could I refuse?

The ice cream was oh so delicious.
But I liked the cones even more.
So much so, that I had to go buy a waffle cone maker of my very own.
Because you know, ice cream at our house is serious, serious business.

I'm not joking.

Matt, Eden and Claire eat ice cream at least 5 times a week, even if I don't have any in the house.
I know because sometimes they come home sporting ice cream mustaches.
Thanks a lot you guys.

To be fair, I think I don't get invited because I don't share their enthusiasm.
I'd rather have a cookie . . .
or a cone . . .
without ice cream in it.

Last Thursday Chanin called again and said:
Hey I need to come over and borrow your ice cream maker.  
I have family coming into town and I need to make lots.

How could I refuse?
We have a really good ice cream freezer and it makes ice cream super speedy.
Plus, Chanin and I are ice cream buddies now.

So Thursday evening, Chanin came over and we stayed up until midnight making ice cream and waffle cones.
I hope the Smiths beneficiaries of the ice cream palooza appreciate that.

When my kids found out that we stayed up until midnight making ice cream, they were excited.
Then they opened the freezer and discovered it was empty.
That's because I didn't make any ice cream for us them.
Well, I did make a batch for them, but I mistakenly used buttermilk instead of cream.

So today, I spent hours making ice cream, and cones for the long weekend.
I'm sure it will all be gone by tomorrow.
Which means there will be no ice cream for Monday.

I think I'm going to be up until midnight again.

Recipes here.



Eunice said...

I think you need a "then" post about the custard explosion. This would be the perfect time for it!

Kristi said...

waffle cone maker? i have never heard of such a thing. yummy!

Amy said...

Wait a can buy a waffle cone maker for your home???? I can only imagine how wonderful your house smelled!

AMCutler said...

We used to make ice cream every Sunday growing up. Then I read my Great-grandfather's history (either that or my grandfather-either way it's still the family link I have in common with Matt) and they had ice cream every Sunday! I think it's a family thing. We all love it. I still can't believe I married a bunch of boys who don't crave it like I do. If I buy it I have to eat the whole thing!