Monday, October 24, 2011


This Thursday, I will have written 400 posts.
Four hundred!
I can't believe I had that much to say over the span of 3 years,
or that I've stuck with keeping up a journal aka blog consistently for this long.

I have a hard time being consistant.
It's evidenced by my pile of journals with pages that say ...
it's been so long since that last time I wrote . . . I vow to do better.
See . . .

I don't know what is is about blogging,
but it helped me.
I finally did do better.
And I'm so glad,
because now my family will remember
ordinary days,
funny days,
and things we created,

These are my favorite posts,
I hope my kids appreciate them some day.

About Dogs
Georgia Scissorhands
It Was Naptime
Makeup Junkie
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Melbourne Street
Paradigm Shift 
Tender Mercies and Scooby Doo
The Girl With Her Head In the Clouds
The Miracle of the Skittish Dog
Twilight Zone, Family Feud Edition
Unexpected Lessons
Waiting for Splash Mountain
Waiting in Line Was Hilarious
We Can't Stay Away From "As Seen" Products
Where in the World is Ferris Beuler
You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, But You Can Buy Her Snow Pants

P.S. On Thursday, I will celebrating 400 over here with a big giveaway.  Come over and enter!!



Bethany said...

Wow! Congratulations on sticking with it! I am going to bookmark this page and read all those posts you listed.
Your blog is always uplifting and inspiring. It's one of my very few must reads. So thank you. You're making my world a little brighter!

Jenni said...

woohoo! the exact reason i started blogging, to remember the BIG things, but the silly, sad, happy, goofy, yummy, inspiring kinda things we do every day too!

i agree with bethany! i love your blog! thanks for sticking with it!

Jamie said...

Ha, ha. That's funny, I was reading one of my old journals & each entry went just like yours.

Congrats on 400 posts!

AMCutler said...

Congratulations Crystal!

Nanette said...

Hooray! Your blog is as fun and wonderful as you are. I totally agree with you? Why is it so difficult to write on paper? Maybe its the lack of audience? Blogging has saved me in this dept. :)
I feel you need a virtual high five, consider it done!