Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Birds

Last weekend, I tried to get my family to watch a Hitchcock film.  We all sat down together and pulled up the Netflix menu in search of The Birds, a movie that scared me to death when I was a kid.

Can you believe Netflix doesn't have one Hitchcock listed on their menu?

Not one!

So disappointing when you want to see a good 60's thriller, which aren't all that thrilling when compared to what you see on the screen today. We had to settle for watching re-runs of Psych instead.

It was a blessing in disguise though, because today my yard was a scene from the movie.

I was in the kitchen making cherry pie, when Elphie started barking by the back door.  I looked out the window and saw black crows gathering in mass, one at a time.   They sat there in silence,

on my back wall,

my neighbor's back wall,

and in all of the trees.

At one point there were at least 60 crows just sitting.  No cawing or chirping at all.

It creeped me out big time.

Where did they all come from,  the pumpkin patch corn maze?  And what were they doing hanging out in my yard?

I'm definitely skipping Hitchcock this year and going back to my good old stand-by,
 The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.



Eve said...

My mom was all excited to show us The Birds when we were teenagers. She was so freaked out by it as a teenager. Um, we may have laughed ourselves silly over it. It is so not scary anymore. Netflix saved you from extra teenage ridicule. :) But that is spooky about all the birds in your yard. I like how you edited the photos to look all vintage/ spooky.

Honour said...

I loved that movie. Our yard seems to have way too many starlings, but they're not as scary as crows.
May they disperse as soon as you want them to, not a minute before or after. :)

Eunice said...

That reminds me of my cicada post ;o)


Just the other day I was thinking that we needed to watch The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Good ol' Don Knotts!

Trish said...

haha... you are hilarious. that movie was so dorky... but now when i do see a lot of birds i do get slightly creeped out... btw your photos of the creepy birds are great :)

Kristi said...

totally creepy. crows freak me out. I got the birds from the library a while ago, and watched it with my kids. not as bad as I remember it. and it kind of has a weird ending. but birds still scare me.

Jamie said...

Ha,ha! Funny! I watched The Birds with my kids about a month ago. They thought it was so funny. But, they get creeped out by birds now. Ha! We just watched Notorious and North by Northwest last weekend.

By the way, We love Psych! Soooo funny! You have great taste in movies/shows. :)

Bethany said...

Eerie how we're so often on the same wave-length.

I love all things Hitchcock, but there are still so many I haven't seen. Also haven't seen The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Have never heard of it, even. Must get with the program!

Nanette said...

Oh how that movie freaked me out! That and Rear Window. Gah!
Those birds are seriously creepy but isn't that a good omen in some country? Lets stick with that...

Vesuvius At Home said...

I wish Netflix had some Hitchcock, too! You take fantastic pictures.