Monday, October 10, 2011

Change of Plans

Somewhere in the wee hours of the night, plans for the Whoopie Pie Exchange shifted shape.

I think it had something to do with the fact that everyone had more on their plates than they had anticipated.
Things that didn't include baking.
Several canceled and said they couldn't come.

So in lieu of meeting up at my house,
we went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant,
That was ok by me.
 I didn't have to spend the morning cleaning.

Those of us who managed to bake brought whoopies.
We sampled them for dessert.
Horrible sugar rush.
But they were all soooo good!
It was hard to choose a favorite.

Julie made pumpkin whoopies with maple cream cheese filling
Chanin made chocolate with buttercream filling
And I made chocolate with peppermint buttercream filling,
and gingerbread with lemon buttercream filling

My whoopies were made using cake mixes, while Chanin and Julie made theirs from scratch.
That was deliberate,
I wanted to compare a mix vs. scratch.
Both were really good.
The cake-mix recipe had a chewy brownie like texture,
while the scratch recipes were more cake-like.
I thought the opposite would be true.
Go figure.

The thing I like about having an exchange with friends is that it gives you an excuse to get together.
You get to sample a bunch of recipes without having to make them all yourself.
Then you can decide which ones are keepers and which ones are not.

I thought all of the recipes we tried today were keepers,
which was not the case when we had a cupcake exchange.

The added bonus:
my kids were so thrilled to have a mountain of good treats
when they got home from school this afternoon.

Thanks to Chanin for spearheading our get-together.
As always, it was fun.



Jenni said...

time with friends is so precious, and even better when you don't have to clean your house!

those whoopie pies look delicious, glad you had some to share with the kids after school!

Eve said...

I miss you! Worst feeling = scanning the RS room looking for Crystal B with no luck.