Friday, October 7, 2011

Field Trip

I'm on my way down to San Diego with my neighbor Amy,
a field trip to our favorite nursery.
We're on the hunt for black plants.

While I'm gone, you should enter to win a pair of crystal b earrings over here. 
The winner will get some additional prizes as well,
surprises they won't know about until they open their package.
Don't worry,
the surprises will be good,
not scary.

Have a great weekend.
I'll be making lots of whoopie pies and cleaning out closets.
What do you have planned, besides soccer games?



Ingrid @ said... thumb looks like a great spot - but let's please connect @ rogers garden next week if you can! i'd love to win one of your lovelies! happy friday friend...

Rosie said...

I want to go on a field trip!! It would be so fun to have you show me all your haunts!! I would love to have a week to just visit unique spots! Someday I will order something from your site!!!

You ooze talent!

Family of 4.... said...

Oh you were in the town my mom lives in! :-) I will have to take my friend (who used to work for a very large landscaping co) there next time she goes with me to see my mom (and helps with the girls). She would love it and I keep forgetting this place is there.

Hoping to go to a Pumpkin patch or the $3 movie theater, the girls want to see Smurfs.

Have a good weekend. :-)


Family of 4.... said...

Shoot, I tried to enter your giveawy but it kept giving me a google error. :-(


Nanette said...

I'm on my way to Philadelphia for our annual pink think lunch!
Black plants sound so fun! Hope you find what you are looking for!

Elizabeth Gilmore said...

Lovely blog, I have been dying to go the nursery. I am interested to see what blank plants you picked out. Is this for Halloween decor?