Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodnight Moon

It was one of those nights
I just had to pull over and watch
a glorious sunset
taking place
right before my eyes.

I don't think I would have seen this picture
had I been standing directly below the clouds.
But because I was on higher  ground
standing in the distance I saw it all around me.

It was achingly beautiful --
the kind of ache that makes you gasp
in awe.

I was engulfed in brilliant color.
as day faded into night.
It made me feel happy,
to live in such a beautiful world.

A cell phone camera didn't do it justice
but I'm glad I had it with me
so that I could capture this memory
to draw upon,
when needed.

A reminder that gray skys are beautiful
when they are touched by light.

P.S.  These cell phone photos were not enhanced -- it really was that beautiful.

1 comment:

Family of 4.... said...

Wow, nice sunset in Temecula. It's been raining and cold (low 60's) up here.

Husband had vacation last week, daughters on two week's fall break, go back on Monday. Been busy creating some memories. :-)