Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspired by . . . Linky Party No. 4

It's been a busy week around here.
I thought I was going to get off easy,
and have a week of fun.
Somehow, the calendar filled up faster than I had anticipated.
So my week to work on projects turned into a week of making lots of food for all of the Halloween/harvest parties going on around town.

But, I did manage to get a couple of new items made for my shop.
I was inspired to make accessories for the cloths on my Pinterest board.
I made a few bracelet cuffs.
Like this . . .

Pin It

Come to think of it, this cuff is the perfect accessory
for the Anthropologie sweater my family bought for me last year.
I guess I need to keep one of these for myself!

But, I'm going to give one a way away to celebrate post No. 400!
You can enter to win here.

Now it's your turn.   What have you been inspired to create lately?


Honour said...

Google/blogger/somebody is not letting me comment on your giveaway site and I'm so mad... because I want to win!!!!!

Jenni said...

linked up with the door this week friend!

do you have a button? i thought you did, but went to find it and had no luck?! For now, just added your name!

Family of 4.... said...

Very pretty!

Family of 4.... said...

PS, I had the same problem and couldn't comment on your giveaway site.