Friday, October 28, 2011


Elphie and I took a walk last night.
Guess who's missing pet photo
was beaming under the erie glow of a lamp post
as we made our way home from the park?
The Pitbull!
Yep, she's on the loose again.
We ran all the way home,
which is something -- for a person who hates running.

It was my turn to make breakfast for the seminary students at church this morning.
It involved cooking lots and lots of bacon at 5:00 a.m.

Do you cook your bacon in the oven?
Way faster than frying,
with half the mess.
And, all the pieces look so uniform.
(Why I care about the uniformity of bacon is beyond me, but I do.)

On my way home from delivering the bacon,
I stopped at the traffic light near the Big Horse Corn Maze.
The sun was coming up over the field
and a huge flock of black crows
were circling above the long green stalks.
It was a beautiful site.
The mystery of The Birds has been solved.

I made an impulsive purchase at the grocery store this week . . .

Have you ever tried this?
If so, what did you think?
I've never had it myself,
but I thought it might be fun to have a taste test
at our annual family Halloween dinner.
Which reminds me,
I need to buy a pumpkin
so I can make "dinner in a pumpkin."
Why didn't I think of that when I was at the store?

And speaking of random,
have you ever seen the movie
Random Harvest?
It's one of my top ten favorites.
If you are a fan of films like An Affair to Remember,
you definitely need to watch it.
Greer Garson is the best.

P.S.   I just now took the photo for the Pumpkin Ale,
and discovered the small print that says Buffalo Bill's Brewery.
It's beer???
I thought Pumpkin Ale was like Ginger Ale,
or Harry Potter's Butter Beer.

That would have been a disaster,
serving beer to my teenage kids
and their friends
on Halloween.
Not to mention the fact that we don't drink alcohol.
(We are Mormon, and follow a heath code referred to as The Word of Wisdom.)

I think I need new glasses.

P.S.S.  If you want to know how to cook bacon in the oven, instructions here.



Kristi said...

beer! haha. in Canada you can't buy beer everywhere like in the US- only in the liquor stores. so no mistakes made! you take turns making breakfast for seminary kids? my kids will want to move there! I was supposed to sub again this morning- but when we got there, the real teachers car was there. the kids were sad. I was going to make them cinnamon toast. yum.
oh well.

Rosie said...

Funny! Ale is usually beer!

I have never heard of cooking bacon in the oven. How how hot and how long?

How do you do the dinner in a pumpkin? I have wanted to for years!

That Halloween package never arrived:(. I am hoping it didn't get lost.

Your writing brightens my day!!!

Bethany said...

I was really concerned about the ale... Glad you caught that. But seriously - how funny would that have been?

And I never got breakfast with my early, early morning seminary! Lucky ducks! And bacon, no less! Kids today - they have it so good!

tomiannie said...

Bahahahahahahaha! The beer snafu cracks me up.

Lyndsay said...

The super tiny print says Ale. So yep. Beer. Go back and demand to know why they didn't card you!

Lyndsay said...

Oh and the big print says Ale. I am losing it. I probably would have thought of butter beer too. HA! :)

Eve said...

You should whip up some pumpkin ale battered shrimp. Right?