Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have a new assignment at church -- music director at girl's camp next summer.
It's a little ironic, that I keep getting music assignments
when I don't read music.
You may recall that a few years ago, I was the choir director
I had no idea what I was doing then,
and I still don't.

I've been thinking that it would be fun to have accompaniment
as we sing around the campfire with 300 girls,
so I'm forming a band.
Not a rock band,
a campfire band,
with guitars, ukeleles, tambourines,and a wash board.
It's going to be fun playing under the stars
with all those voices singing in harmony.

I can hardly wait.

But for now, I need to recuit a few band members.
So I bought pink ukeleles as an enticement.
It worked much faster than I had anticipated.
When Haley and Claire saw them, they were all in.

Saturday we had our first group lesson at the local music store.
We joined 4 boys under the age of 10 and jammed,
sort of.

I think we are going to like playing ukes.

When our lesson was over
we went to Rosas, our favorite Mexican restaurant
for fish burritos and carne asada nachos.

It was a good Saturday in spite of the pouring rain.

Who would have thought that a church assignment,
and pink ukuleles
would give a mother and a teenage daughter
a chance to bond.



Eve said...

What music store? Pete's? Greg has been wanting to learn the uke for like a decade. I need details!

And that image of the ukes/ guitars/ tambourines under the stars is just perfect. You are going to make it magical. It is a perfect calling for you, music reading or not!

Kristi said...

camp music director? shut the front door. sweet calling. although I have sworn off girls camp forever. hate it. hate it all. but pink ukeleles- I could maybe be convinced to go again. but maybe not.

AMCutler said...

I'm so amazed when you get your kids to do things like this! I have had little luck with step-sons so far. I'm sure hoping my girls will be more open & willing to do some fun things!

What a calling! I don't know what I would do with that. You have fantastic ideas!

Melissa said...

What a fun way to hang out with your girls! I love it!

Bethany said...

"Who would have thought that a church assignment,
and pink ukuleles
would give a mother and a teenage daughter
a chance to bond."

And maybe that right there is the whole point of this calling. The Lord knows what we need. And besides - it's much better to have a camp music leader who knows how to have fun than to have one who knows how to read music or even sing on key! The girls will love it all!