Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Four Words

Four words to describe today:


Right after I posted about getting bombarded by telemarketers,
they found my cell phone number.
Two texts, and one call
all within a 60 minute period.
How did that happen?
So buggy!!!


Elphie got a hair cut.
And a new sweater.
I love her to pieces when she looks like this.
Even when she barks too much.


Make that Shame. Full.
My studio is out of control.
Which means I will should stop posting
and start cleaning.
Hate cleaning do you?


I love it when a warm wind makes flags  and falling leaves dance.
Fall weather is the best.



Honour said...

I hate cleaning to. I've been working on bathrooms & bedrooms today, but it is a little discouraging to see how slowly I progress what with the little kridlets a=in abundance around here. Good luck.

Bethany said...

Even in a mess, that is one rockin' studio.

Kristi said...

your craft room looks very clean compared to mine. I have to step over junk just to get in. I do want to make it into a guest room/ or one of the girls rooms (they share right now) so I am really wanting to empty it all out. but it isn't easy. especially since I am doing a craft sale on saturday, so I have all that mess to deal with.

forever folding laundry said...

My craft room is
in dire shape too!
It's on my list for tomorrow.
We'll see if it gets done. :)