Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I went outside this afternoon to take out the trash and discovered something new.
Claire was with me, and she called out

Hey, look at the grass!

It was covered with mushrooms.
Toad stools the size of pancakes!

There are so many and they appeared overnight.
It's never happened before.


How did they get here?
Did it have something to do with the rainstorm on Saturday?

I wish they weren't poisonous
It would be so much fun to pick them all
and make mushroom soup.

Instead I took this picture.

I love Gnomes, don't you?

P.S.  If you have little ones who like fairies or cars, The Gnome Mobile, an old Disney movie is a must.  A little hokey in this age of technology, but one of my favorites as a kid.



Bethany said...

That picture is hilarious! I loved The Gnome Mobile as a kid, too. So I checked it out from the library for the kids, and they did alright with it until the end. The part where the girl gnomes are all trying to win the last boy gnome for their own love toy... It got a little weird there because I didn't remember that part. Super funny, but I think my kids felt like that came right out of left field. Ha! Goofy Disney movies are the best.

Eve said...

I love that you just had the gnome, deer, and toadstool figures laying around. I want to check my yard now, I used to LOVE when mushrooms popped up in our yard as a kid.

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I LOVED that movie as a kid. In fact, I loved it so much, I followed your link and went and bought a copy of my own!! :) I am sure my husband has never seen it. He will think I am nuts for buying it but I LOVE it!!
Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

tomiannie said...

You're awesome -- that pic just made my day. And I really love The Gnome Mobile (the gnomemobile, riding along in the gnomemobile...).

Cherry Tree Lane said...

HOW have I never heard of that movie before? Jane and Michael from Mary Poppins are in it, too!!!