Friday, November 25, 2011

The Macy's Parade and other Random Thoughts about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was good.
We did what we usually do when we stay home -
spent 7 hours in the kitchen cooking good food
and 15 minutes eating it.
Then I took a nap courtesy of carb overload induced fatigue.

A few hours later we ate turkey sandwiches
and watched boring television
because all of our favorite shows were on vacation too.
We had to settle for the anniversary show about the Macy's parade.
I have to confess, it was pretty interesting.
It left me thinking:

With the exception of the parts they show on the news, or TV commercials,
I've never seen the Macy's parade.  Why is that?

I'd love a job at the official MP workshop making moulds and designing the floats. 

How do they build all those huge balloons?
How do you get to be a person who helps pull the balloons?

What do all those marching band people, and float riders do when they have to go to the  bathroom? Are they so freezing cold that their worries of hypothermia make them forget about the urge to pee?
I bet steam would rise from their behind, if they had an accident.

I don't think I would ever get to ride on a float because I always have to go to the bathroom.
There would definitely be steam.

Next year instead of staying home and taking naps, I want to visit New York and go to the parade.
But, I will have to come up with a way to avoid Manhattan Black Friday,
which might be hard with two kids who are dying to shop that day.
I refuse to leave the house on BF.
Not worth it.

I did BF Manhattan in 1985 and it was terrifying.
I'm not kidding.
You basically go where the crowd wants to go,
I don't even remember seeing a building,
just a lot of coats, and people pushing.
I got pushed into Macy's
onto a moving escalator
but people weren't getting off.
There was no where to go.
Mass panic ensued
which involved a lot of screaming
and falling.

Plus the sales people that day were really rude.
One lady refused to let me look at a purse
locked in a display case.
She said, I'm not going to bother getting it out,
you can't afford it!!!
That was my only attempt at making a purchase.
I had to go back to Salt Lake City souvenir-less
which made me really mad.

A thank you to B. Braun for risking his life
 to take me to Manhanttan that day.
The carriage ride in Central Park was fun,
even if the rest of Black Friday was awful.

P.S. I forgive you New York sales lady, wherever you are.  Working retail on BF is stressful.  I know,  I worked at Nordstrom for 5 years.


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