Friday, November 4, 2011

Pay Dirt

It's a rainy day here in Temecula.
Amy and I planned to go to the salvage yard today,
but we had to change our plans.
We went to the indoor antique mall instead -- junk haven.

When I go on a junk hunt, I'm usually looking for something in particular.
Today it was vintage glass jars -- for candle making,
and an old butter crock to hold my collection of kitchen spatulas.

I struck out on both accounts,
but I hit pay dirt when I came to a few other things
on my list --  Stuff I Want to Make Someday.

Boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments for $7.00 each.  Such a deal.

I'm using them to make a wreath.  I saw one last year in a boutique selling for $120.00.

Vintage yard sticks for $2.00.

I want to make a table top out of them, for my family room.

and maybe jewelry holder with the left overs.

I also found this little cup.

Perfect for holding a little feather tree,
or pouring a candle.



Rosie said...

I never did receive the package! I wonder where it went! I am making dinner in a pumpkin tOnight- I hope it turns out. I didnt know about sugar pumpkins. I hope what I have isn't yucky! I will search for sugar pumpkins next year!

I would love to go to a junque shop wit you. I get overwhelmed and it all starts to look yucky- I can't seem to see the possibilities !!!

Trish said...

oh boy... those ornaments are great.

Jenni said...

i junked this weekend too at grandma's estate sale that happened once a year! uh-maze-ing!

love junking days for sure!

meg duerksen said...

THAT is an AWESOME score!!!