Monday, November 7, 2011


Saturday, Matt and I did something we haven't done in a long time.
We drove to Orange County and went to the OC Swap Meet.
I think the last time we were there,
we were pushing a stroller with two crying kids.

The Swap has changed a bit,
or so it seems.
Most of the tents with As Seen on TV products have been replaced
with Hookas, car dealers and beachcomber bicycles.
Matt stared at the new Fiats, while I admired a yellow beachcomber.
I want one in the worst way.
I can just imagine it parked outside of my dream beach house.

But in the real world, I know I would never use it.
I can't see myself beach combing on the Redhawk loop.
What would I do when I got to the hilly part?
I'd have to call someone for a ride home.

We didn't buy anything today except produce.
Kind of a bummer when you drive all that way.

But on the bright side,
look what $10.00 buys you at the Swap.

Can you believe it!
I was thrilled to get such a deal --
even though I used a whole tank of gas,
and sat on the 91 freeway for 2 hours,
which made the $10.00 produce more like $80.00.

We made up for it by going to lunch at Fashion Island.
I haven't been there in a long time either.
Things have changed there too.
It seems like the new thing to do at F.I. is
parade your pet.

EVERYONE, execept us, had a dog with them.
There were canines all over the place.
It felt like a dog park, more than a mall.

Shopping and dogs don't mix if you ask me.
I don't want to step on a Yorkie
while I'm looking through the Anthropologie sale rack,
or dog poop either.
That would ruin the whole Anthro experience.

Ironically, when I got home,
I made Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad,
which doesn't call for any of the vegetables I bought.

How dumb was that?
I was craving tabbouleh though, so what could I do?
Have you given quinoa a try yet?
Don't let this picture dissuade you,
it's surprisingly good.

I'll use the Swap vegetables today.
I want to make a grilled egg plant dish I saw on the cover of a cookbook I saw at Amy's house.
That's adventurous for me, just so you know.
I'm a comfort food girl,
but sometimes I branch out.
My kids hate it when that happens.
Wish me luck.



Melissa said...

That quinoa looks SO good! I sometimes make it "mac" and cheese style. Yum!

Kelley said...

yum!! i love quinoa!!