Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We had dentist appointments today.
Not something we look forward to
At. All.

Eden and Claire weren't too happy about leaving math to visit the dentist.
That tells you how much they dread it.

But that's only because they forgot about our new dentist --
Dr. Huston.
He's awesome.

His office is located above a Subway sandwich shop,
so we smell bread baking as we sit in the waiting room.
Much better than the smell of fluoride and teeth being drilled.

Best of all, in every exam room
there's a TV screen by the chair,
and on the ceiling,
so patients can watch movies while they get a cavity filled.

I love it.
No more awkward conversations as I try to talk to the hygienist,
while her hand is in my mouth.

No more panic as I hear the sound of dental tools.
I didn't even have to frantically grip on the arm rests today
because I was too busy watching  Up.

Movies and the dentist,
so nice to kill two birds with one stone.
Three if you count lunch at Subway.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Now if we could only get gynecologists on board . . .

P.S. at 3:30 - I just now noticed I wore two different flip-flops to the dentist!  I have no idea how that happened!  I blame Claire -- the shoe thief.



Kristi said...

my teeth have been aching the last couple of days, but I have put off calling the dentist- I finally broke down and called today at 3:40. the office closed at 3:30. sheesh. If they still hurt, I might have to call tomorrow. no fun at all.

Bethany said...

Hey, the flip-flop thing is no big deal considering that you've gone out with your bra on the outside of your clothes not too long ago. ;)

And now I'm sitting here wondering what kind of movie I would want to watch while my feet were in the stirrups at the gynecologist's office. That is food for thought right there, my friend.

Brittany Evans said...

Haha I lauged out loud when I read your suggestions for Gynecologists...lol seriously! This post really was a good reminder though. We realllly need to pick a dentist here and set up appointments, but there are 150 thousand in the area. Now I can narrow it down to those that have tv screens on the ceiling! So awesome. Now I might actually be looking forward to it...:)

Melissa said...

The flip-flops cracked me up!

Eve said...

Ugh. Or at the dermatologist during my six month "body scan". Last time as I was laying on the table, naked as a bird, the doctor asked if I felt awkward. What I would've given for a personal tv at that moment.

forever folding laundry said...

The dentist is my absolute LEAST
favorite place to be.
My next appointment is in January,
and I'm already dreading it!

Love the flip flops, though.

And, fun fact in the movie Up,
about 4 or so names
after Ronnie Del Carmen's name
comes Gary's.