Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decking the Halls

One of the things I love most about the Christmas holiday --
opening up my boxes of ornaments.

They are old friends.
Each one brings back a memory of a person,
or a place from my past.
Like this one.

My grandfather gave it to me when I was a little girl.
He brought it home from a business trip.
When I see her sitting in my tree,
I am transported back to my living room on Melbourne Street
when first I opened the box that contained her.

Then there are the vintage glass balls I've collected over the years.
So many memories hunting for them.
I remember shopping with my friend Candi, when I found this one.
I bought it for Claire when she was four year's old.
I can still see her face when she put this on the tree.

This one is really old.
It hung on my grandmother's tree.
It reminds me of her yearly Christmas party back in the 60's.
She used to make me listen to A Christmas Carol
on the record player while we waited for  guests to arrive.
I thought it was so boring.
The minute she left the room,
I switched Dickens for The Chipmonks Christmas album.
I can still see the red vinyl record spinning as the Chipmonks sang
Christmas, Christmas time is here . . . ALLLLL-VIN!!!!
I laughed my head off, every time I played it.

These are from my folk art phase.
I made each one.

There was a time that I would make a new ornament every year,
and tie them to the presents I would give my friends.

Remembering this makes me smile.
My kids were so little then.

Sometimes I'm tempted to throw the handmades away.
They seem so out of date.

And then I think about what my children would be missing
years from now if these weren't in the box.

What will they remember when they see them on their trees?

I hope they think of the hands that made them,
and the heart that loved them,
more than they will ever know.



Eunice said...

I've been planning on posting about some of my ornaments too. They are like old friends, aren't they?

Jenni said...

love this and your stories that go with each ornament.

while i love the "themed" trees that i see everywhere, nothing compares to the good old fashioned, handmade, homemade, memory filled ones that go up each year {we hang my old ornaments from when i was growing up and my husbands from his childhood too, plus vintage ones his dad had, who has since passed, plus new ones the kids make each year}. best trees ever.

Rosie said...

oh my how your post rings true to my heart! I remember opening the old box that my Mom kept our ornaments in, with great anticipation! she would then tell the stories of where those ornaments came from. The tiny ones from the first year they were married.

One year my brother spent 2 hours rewiring an ornament that he had made in 2nd grade. Surprisingly it even mattered to a middle aged man!!!

Leanne said...

Hello Crystal!
Thanks for the visit! I've bee terrible at keeping up with the blogs I love...I will catch up with you today. Your tree is beautiful...I save all of my vintage ornaments for one tree, but it hasn't gone up yet! You have inspired me to get to it this week. Thanks for all your sweet comments. xo

Sharon said...

I agree with you Crystal! I just can't get rid of all the memories of each homemade ornament. I even have some that Gary's Mom gave to me that HE made in school, with his cute 7 year old picture on them! :) My kids love going over each ornament--so our tree is mis-matched, and nothing magazine worthy. But we love it! :)

Sharon said...

PS, I may steal your idea and do the same thing on our blog! :)