Friday, December 16, 2011

Twin Sons

We went out for fish tacos the other night.
I stood at the counter and ordered while my son found a table.
When I finished filling up my soda cup, I took a look around to see where Eden was sitting.

I started to walk in this direction . . .

Just as I was ready to sit down
I realized this wasn't my son.

I saw Eden waving at me from across the room.
He mouthed What are you doing???
I pulled up a seat in front of Eden
and said  That guy looks so much like you he could be your brother!!

Eden looked at his twin and rolled his eyes at me.
He thinks I'm nuts.

In looking at these photos, I think he might be right.
Maybe it was the hair.



Genevieve said...

It SO looks like him!

Jenni said...

so looks like him, i agree!

and wowzers, when did eden look so grown up?

Kimberly said...

You're not nuts ... I see the resemblence too!