Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recommendations Please.

Sitting at a red light yesterday,
I had the thought that I didn't read much last year.
Could it be due to the disbandment of Book Club #1,
and the un-organization of Book Club #2?
(BC # 2 met approximately 3 times last year --
we were all just too busy to get together.)

I need to get going again.
Listening to the Hunger Games trilogy over Christmas motivated me.

What have you read lately that you just loved???
Don't say anything si-fi, or fantasy, not interested.
And don't say The Help -- I've been there, done that, and really liked it.
Haven't seen the movie yet, can you believe it!

Has anyone read The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson?
If so, what's your opinion?
I'm starting it tonight.

If you haven't read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Up Close,
you have to get on that before the movie comes out.
I mean it.
It's such a good book and if you do the movie first,
it will ruin it, I know it will.
Isn't that usually the case?
(Thank you to the Lurker who recommended it.)



Jenni said...

I read a lot of young adult books, you know, being an 8th grade literature teacher and all...gotta keep myself updated on what "they" are reading!

Here are a few that I have finished that I loved (but they are YA, so they deal with teen stuff):
Jay Asher - 13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher - The Future of Us
Courtney Summers - Some Girls Are
John Green - Looking for Alaska
John Green - Paper Towns

Ok, that should get you started. Or your kids, they might have even read some of them.

I do love Jodi Piccoult's books as well. She is one of my favorite authors, I learn new things every time I read her books.

I am currently reading John Green's, "The Fault in our Stars". So far so good, but I love the author, so I am not surprised.

I used to do posts about what I read or was reading on my blog, I should start again! Second time I have book talked today!

Bethany said...

I'm a little creeped out that I just posted on your facebook wall about this. It's like you can read my mind, or I can read yours... Weird.

I got the coolest Christmas gift this year. It's called The Book Lover's Journal, and I got it at Barnes and Noble. It's a handy little book that you can write down all the books you read, rate them, etc. and also keep track of books you want to read and books that people have recommended to you. I love it. I keep it in my purse so I have it when I go to the library or the book store. Anyhow, it is because of that book that I can give you the following suggestions. (Otherwise I wouldn't remember what I've read.)

Room by Emma Donoghue

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs (that one is just a touch sci-fi/fantasy, but I hate that genre too, so I hate to call it that. It was an interesting, fast read.)

Some really good children's chapter books that I've adored are Elizabeth Enright's The Saturdays and Gone Away Lake. So good I read them to myself, even though I'm not quite the target audience.

And on my to-read list is The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.

You should look up bookstore blurbs or amazon reviews of those. They do a much better job of it than I can!

The Abram Archives said...

I am a complete stranger, but I love your blog.. I belong to a book club and we have been meeting for over 2 years now.. I love my book club! Just tonight I finished this months book, Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman and it was soooo good! Very Kate Morton like.. have you read Kate Mortons books? If you haven't.. you must! Good Luck.. let us know what you pick! Mandy from Twin Falls, Idaho

Amy said...

The last book I read was These Is My Words By Nancy Turner. It is written in diary form and is the story of a young girl coming to the Arizona Territories. I LOVED it.

Kimberly said...

Rainwater by Sandra Brown was a good read. Nothing heavy ... just enjoyable.

Kristi said...

did you read the blue castle? I think you will like it.

Nanette said...

I really liked Saving CeeCee Honeycut by Beth Hoffman
Also These is My Words by Nancy E Turner and Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell made me laugh out loud.
So many books, so little time...
We combined our book group with a recipe exchange and our numbers have gone up, its amazing what people will do for good food!

crystal b. said...

I'm so excited to check all of these books out!!! I'm with those of you who said These is My Words is a We it for book club about 10 years ago. I liked it so much I read it again last year.

Eunice said...

The Glass Castle is my most favorite recent read. It's a memoir that beats 'em all.

Angie said...

The Paris Wife...You HAVE TO read it!!! It was my favorite of the summer!

Lyndsay said...

Oh! I know a book about a mermaid... ;)

Brandie said...

My favorites from last year were My Name is Memory and The Kitchen House. I also really enjoyed Those Who Save Us By Jenna Blum. That one is a bit heavy but really good.

Dyana365 said...

Just saw the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly was awesome! One of the best movies I have seen in awhile. The little boy is amazing. It's just an amazing story. I didn't realize it was a book! I guess I will have to do things backwards..wouldn't be a first!

Lene said...

I wish I had a good book to recommend. I am usually a big reader and here it is the end of January and I haven't even read one book this year. I will have to check out some of the other recommendations.

Kim said...

I just finished Austenland by Shannon Hale. I hated her first adult novel: The Actor and the Housewife. But this one was a good, quick read. And the second one, Midnight in Austenland is coming out tomorrow! You are probably familiar with Goose Girl, Princess Academy, Book of a Thousand Days, and many other youth books that Shannon has written. They are some of my faves and probably yours too, so maybe try Austenland. I am also reading Roses by Leila Meacham which I picked up since it is set in Texas and all my friends have been raving about it. Let me know if all these suggestions you have already read or are lame and I have some more for you! Since I moved I have really done nothing but unpack and read. It has been wonderful!

Kim said...

Maybe we can trade book suggestions for decorating a just-moved in house tips? Your home always looks fabulous....can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Brittany Evans said...

Yesterday I spent all day reading The Walk by Richard Paul Evans. It is such a great read and so inspirational! Now I can't wait to read the second book in the series. And the third comes out in a few months. :) I agree that Shannon Hale's books are such fun reads! I loved Goose Girl and the books that followed in that series. I have also started re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series. What classics! Love them. :)

Brittany Evans said...

Another that most people have read but I could read over and over again is Stargirl. WOW! It is a short read but really makes you think about what kind of person you want to be. Like Stargirl of course! :) I've always thought it would an absolutely fantastic movie, but I'm just afraid a movie would ruin the story. So I'm sort of glad it's never been done. Love that book!