Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood

Friday night was an official girls night out --
with big girls and little girls.
It was fun, fun, fun.

We drove up to Hollywood,
had dinner at Cheesecake Factory,
and went to see the play Wicked.

Wicked is the best,
no matter how many times you see it.
I love singing along under my breath during the performance.
I'm sure my neighbor thought it was annoying,
but she was singing too, so maybe she didn't even notice.

After the play, we followed the stars
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the back door of the theatre,
and as we did, we played a game --
saying whether you did, or did not
recognize the name on the star.

It wasn't as easy as you might think.
The stars near the Pantages are  some of the oldest on the Walk.
Names like Jackie Gleason and Buster Keaton,
(which, in case your wondering, I recognized.)

Then I came to the last star on this section of the Walk:

How cool is that,
I have my own star!!!

(Not really, but I'm counting it.)

When we got to the back door,
we waited in line to see the actors come out.

Sometimes, if they are nice, they stop and talk to you.
Tonight we got lucky.
Elphie and Glenda were the nicest Elphie and Glenda yet.
They spoke with every single person in the line,
including the people at the very end --

The little girls in our posse were thrilled.
It was so cute to see their excitement,
as they held out their Playbills for an autograph.

I should have given the little girls my autograph too,
since I have my own star and everything.

P.S.   CB stands for Cecil B. Demille, producer of  epic film The Ten Commandments.



Eve said...

That sounds so fun. I remember doing the exact same thing as a little girl after seeing Phantom at the OC Playhouse.

Last time I went to Hollywood I was a senior in high school. How pathetic is THAT?

Jenni said...

That is so cool that you have your own star....sort of your own star....okay, not even your own star, but kinda! I am jealous!

I am very excited to get to see Wicked for the first time in February! My mother-in-law bought all of her girls tickets! She rocks!

Kim said...

Love your star! I love Wicked and want to take my 2 oldest kids to see it this year. I saw The Lion King at Pantages for my graduation from college present from my hubby. I love that theatre! Next time I am there I will look for your star.

Kristi said...

oh, wicked. so fun. I just watched a documentary today about people who dress up as super heros and make money getting their pictures taken with tourists in hollywood! I was thinking that would be fun to go there and do that!

Rosie said...

Any idea how long Wicked will be playing? I haven't seen it yet(i know pathetic) We are trying to plan a girls weekend and that would be awesome.