Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lunch Bunch

I got an email last night sent by a woman from church.
Among other things, it mentioned that Lunch Bunch would be meeting Tuesday at noon.
I've never attended this monthly event, but today
as I was putzing around, I had the tought that I should go
and fellowship all the new women at church I don't yet know.

So at 12:00 on the nose, I walked into the designated meeting place.
Lo and behold, my friend Kristy was sitting at a table all by herself.
I said Hey, I didn't expect to see you here!  Where's the Bunch?
Kristy laughed and said We are the Bunch, you and me. 
It was apparent that she too had expected to meet new faces.
Within 10 minutes a few more women walked in the door.
But, they weren't strangers, they were our book club friends!
(The book club that disbanded a few years ago.)

It was an unexpected surprise.
So much fun to catch up.
Now that book club disbanded, and our teenagers drive,
we don't see each other much anymore.

So glad I acted on that thought to go.
Friends, it was good seeing you.
I hope we Bunch again soon.



Bethany said...

What a happy coincidence!

Doug and Kristen said...

I was hoping to get there today but between playgroup at my house til 12 and a repairman coming at 12 I had to bow out. I'm there next month for sure!