Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Heat is On

I got up super early this morning -- 4:45 to be exact.
I think it was because the heater kept going off, and I was too hot.

Instead of lying there trying to get back to sleep, I got up
and fixed my kids breakfast, which I stopped doing a few years ago,
because they complained too much, or didn't eat what I had fixed.
But today, they were happy.
I must have picked the right thing to make.
That, or they now appreciate how nice it is to have a hot meal
before leaving home.

I finished cleaning before 6:30,
which meant I had time to lurk on Pinterest.
It really is addicting, isn't it?
Crack for stay-at-home moms.
Except I've never done crack, so that's sort of an inappropriate comparison.
But you know what I mean.
I have to limit myself to 30 minute intervals, three times a week.
It's just too much of a time sucker.

Last night, I created a board for my favorite children's books.
Books, I read to Eden and Claire when they were little.
Books my grandmother, and mother read to me when I was little.
Such memories.
I have to say that reading at bedtime is the number one thing
I miss most about my little ones.
It's probably the thing I miss most about my grandmother and mother too.
It's such a bonding thing -- reading.
Not to mention that it makes bedtime fun.
My kids never fussed about going to sleep.
They looked forward to the one-on-one time.

Do  you read with your children?
Have you read with your children?
What do you, did you read?

I sure wish there was a way to paste a Pinterest board into your blog.
Is there?
I want a collage of all the books.
I like looking at them.
You would too.
I'm sure you'd recognize a few of your favoites.

If you want to pay a visit to my favorite children's reads
here's the link:

And if you need an invitation to Pinterest,
I'd be happy to invite you.
Just let me know.
But I'm warning you now .  . . Crack.
I don't want to be blamed for dealing,
or getting you hooked.

It's 7:09!
I can't believe I've cooked, cleaned, Pinned and blogged!!!
It's going to be a really productive day,
I can feel it.

I'm turning up the heat more often.



Kim said...

OK.....this pin board is so amazing I just want to go upstairs and look through all my books to see which ones I don't have...then head to the book store and BUY them. I am grateful that I still have kids young enough they let me read to them, at least the girls do. My oldest says he is too old for picture books and I tell him I am 36 and still love them! I usually can talk him into a chapter book or he will let me read to him a chapter of a book assignment from school. I love the Pinterest poster too. I think we could actually be good friends. :)

Kristi said...

Love all the Richard Scarry books. so fun- such cute pictures! right now I am reading the little house on the prairie books to my girls before bed. we are on the second to last one, and I don't want them to end!

Tanya said...

We do own most of your books. I love reading time too and wish there was more time for it!
I just joined pinterest like last week so I'm still leanring, but I did repin your church pins. :) Love the ideas!

Terrie said...

Some of the pinners I follw pinned a bunch of kids books yesterday...I was walking down memory lane! Of course I had to 'like' them! Trying to decide where I want to pin them. And I pinned that same saying yesterday! Love me some Pinterest...and I've been accused of being a dealer!

Eve said...

That board made me so happy. I love that I know the ones I don't recognize have got to be good since all the others are total favorites. I am going to look for some of them.

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

My girls(6 & 8) got the Little House series for Christmas. Every night before bed we get our jammies on and climb into my big bed and read at least one chapter. Its one on one time with them that I wouldnt trade for anything. Having my girls close, being cozy and talking and reading with them is THE BEST!

~ko said...

I found your blog just a bit ago and am hooked!