Friday, February 3, 2012

The Vortex

I got sucked in to the swirling mass of chaos again.
But it was necessary.
It was d-day for my friend Dana.

A few years ago, my living room looked like this too.
Biggest nightmare.
It made me feel like one of those hoarders you see on television.
This is what happens when you sew for a dance studio.
Your life turns upside down for a good 6 months
and your family has to eat dinner standing up
because the table is covered with sewing machines.

I retired 5 years ago,
but my dear friend Dana kept the sweat shop going.
This year she made 300+ costumes, which included 9 bear outfits.
When I heard that, it made me shiver.
 I went down the bear road in 2004,
and it was ugly.

That year, we had to make 18 bear suits,
which included bloomers, hats, and aprons.
Have you ever sewn fur?
My vacuum never recovered.

Today I called Dana to see how she was coming along with the sewing project from you know where.
She said: We have our first competition this afternoon and I'm not done.
So I had to help.
Dana is the person in my life, who helps people in need
no matter how busy she is at the moment.
She would probably donate a kidney if I asked.

I dropped what I was doing and drove to her house,
which is out in the boondocks --  high up on the top of the Temecula Hills.
I got lost twice.

I opened her front door and there it was . . .
a vortex of lycra, feathers, an sequins.

We had fun running our machines at warp speed.
I love working with Dana.
She is hysterical.

I could tell you some hilarious stories
about our trips to Las Vegas for Nationals.
But I won't.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,
including the time I almost ran over a homeless man
who popped out of a manhole cover
just as I was driving through an intersection at 1:00 a.m.
Our kids are still talk about that incident.

We finished up the last of the costumes just in time.
Dana threw everything in the car and sped off into the sunset
while went home covered in thread.

When I walked in the door Claire took one look at me and said

And I said Yep.



Kimberly said...

Awww, what a wonderful friend you are ... I'm always so amazed by women who can sew like that ... I've thrown out shirts that were missing a button because I lacked the ability to sew one back on straight (please don't tell anyone - I'm not proud of it! ;) Glad you were willing (& able) to help Dana out (BTW, that manhole story is just plain scary!)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Oh my gosh your manhole story made me laugh right out loud.
What a good friend you are to go help her out. I just have one question: after all that work, what happens to the costumes? Is she able to resell them to other dance companies or something? (Please tell me she doesnt have to store them forever).

meg duerksen said...

this looks scary!
and my dining room exactly the same right now.

Nanette said...

I LOVE great stories of real friends!

Colleen said...

Whoa. That is intimidating.

forever folding laundry said...

You're awesome - and if I was ever in a sewing jam
I would also call YOU. No doubt!!
My craft room is a disaster right now.
I keep the door closed because I'm just not ready
to face it yet.