Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Weekend Update

Thursday I made a trek
to the new Dollar Store in my neighborhood.
I love the Dollar store, don't you?
I scored.
My best find -- readers for a dollar.
You know how I go through those.

I also found some rubber balls
which was the reason I went to the Dollar store in the first place.
I needed to make these.

In case you are wondering . . .
drum sticks to be used on 5 gallon buckets - - a homemade drum set.
Way fun if you teach pre-school,
or nursery,
or Primary,
or you are in charge of music for Girls Camp (that's me.)
Thank you Brother C. for giving me the idea.

Did I tell you I'm forming a camp band?
Hence the drums.
Claire, Haley and I are still working away at the ukelele.
Now we need a drummer.

as I was sitting at my desk,
I looked out the window . . .

Officer Mustache was out in front of my house again
handing out tickets to innocent, and not so innocent --
motorists, and jaywalkers.
Can you believe he tickets jaywalkers!
Claire was his latest victim.

Officer Mustache is not very nice, or very fair.
I know this because he's given me three tickets over the past 5 years.
I only deserved one of them.
So I believe Claire  when she said she did come to a full stop,
at the sign just a few yards away from our front door.

I wish Officer Moustouche would find another beat.
I'm pretty much doomed to make an error,
when I see a policeman staring me down.
Especially if he is parked in front of my house.

Saturday, Claire and I went out to the Temecula Hills,
for a pre-camp soirée
We learned a flash mob dance.

You won't see any pictures of me in this crowd,
I'm thee worst dancer -- I make Elaine Benes look good.

I was standing by Claire as we learned, and she said
Go stand by someone else mom, you are so embarrassing.
My back is killing me by the way.

Sunday, was quiet.
I made Italian Panzanella, a family favorite.

Around 8:00, we suddenly remembered
the Oscar's were on television,but no body cared.
We watched a re-run of Shark Week instead.
Not my favorite.
I had nightmares.



Jenni said...

I almost wish I wore readers, the ones that you found are soooooo cute! wowzers! love them! what fun colors!

Puttin' Down Roots said...

I find it just a little bit funny that you took a picture of your daughter getting a ticket!

Bethany said...

Ah, memories. :) My dad took video of the time he had to come pull my car out of the ditch, but he still doesn't believe me when I insist I wasn't speeding. So nice of you to be on Claire's side!

Eve said...

What a jerk that cop is. I can't believe he's given you that many tickets.

Eunice said...

Nice tip on the readers. I bought some at Target in the "dollar" section. I leave a pair in every room.

I love that episode of Seinfeld!

And, what a bummer about Officer Mustache. I think you should do a "Citizen's Arrest" for loitering!