Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exon Spill

I was cleaning my kitchen this afternoon
and  made a sudden move that launched a series of unfortunate events . . .
My elbow hit a sauce pan,
that knocked over a big glass bottle of olive oil,
that fell to the floor,
and broke into a million shards of glass.

Talk about an oil spill!
Have you ever tried to clean something like this up?
Mis. Er. A. Ble.

The shards were so small, I couldn't see them.
They couldn't be vacuumed or swept up with a broom because they were floating in oil.
I couldn't walk around because the floor was slippery.

I finally solved the problem by skating around on two layers of hand towels -- now ruined.
It took three sessions of mopping,
followed by vacuuming,
followed by more mopping.

Oil is my mortal enemy.

The silver lining -- my feet are now silky smooth.
My pedicurist will be so happy.

P.S.   Kathy . . . does this sound familiar?  Last time it happend, it involved a glass bowl and gallons of ice cream. :)



Eunice said...

Ah yes, it brings back many fond memories. I tried to clean up gallons of oily chicken juice off the kitchen floor at girls' camp. It took forever. There was no glass involved. Can't imagine!

Kimberly said...

Oh Crystal, I gotta say that I laughed (but just a little ;) when I read this 'cause I got a visual of you skating on the hands towels! So glad you were able to get it cleaned up without cutting yourself or falling on your bottom :)