Monday, March 12, 2012


There was a birthday celebration at our house.
And you know what that means . . .
A certain someone gets gifts, notes, their favorite meal,
and ultimate control of the television.

Today we celebrated Matt.
Of all things, he wanted Gumbo for dinner.
I know, I know -- it looks like cat food.
Trust me when I tell you, it's delicious.

Do you know how long it takes to make Gumbo??
Hours people.
And it involves lots and lots of pans.
My kitchen is a disaster.
For a dish that looks like cat food.
I'm not even going to post the recipe,
because I know you will take one look at what's involved and say,
I'm buying canned.

We topped off our meal with a berry, lemon curd,
cake, whip cream concoction.
(Lemon curd, oh how I love thee.)

Just as we were finishing our last bite of curd,
Our neighbor Makayla walked into the kitchen, pulled up a chair and exclaimed
I want to try Gumbo.
It makes me happy that she feels comfortable enough to come over for dinner unannounced.

Ninety pound Makayla had two servings, and two servings of dessert.
I think she has a hollow leg.

In the end, Matt was happy.
Spending the day in the kitchen was worth it.
But, I'm exhausted.

Not sure if it's the daylight saving's time lag,
or the Gumbo.

P.S.  The Gumbo poster is available for purchase, just click on the image.



Eunice said...

You and lemon curd go waaaay back!

Jane said...

It might take hours to cook, but I think it's worth it...yum! What a great way to celebrate a birthday.