Monday, March 19, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest Linky Party No. 5

Boy, I was on a roll last week.
I made all sorts of stuff.

Julie and had another sewing session.
We made pillows out of old t-shirts.
(Except we cheated and made them out of new.)
We aren't done yet, so I'm not posting a picture.

Then I made Eden try this pin

a natural concoction
that claimed it would clear up your skin
within a week.

Next, I tried two recipes in my Pinterest hoard.
No, that was not a typo -- I meant to say "hoard"
cuz that's what it's becoming,
a hoard of dreams.

Here are the pins:

And here's what I made.
(Sorry, the pictures are lame.)

The claims on Pinterest were true, both were good!

The biscuit recipe calls for shortening which I didn't have.
I ended up substituting butter so they weren't as flaky as they would have been had I used shortening.
Plus, I was out of white flour, so I used white whole wheat flour.
They were a bit heavy, but the taste was really good.
Much better than any biscuit I have tried.

For the chicken, the original pinner suggested using boneless, skinless chicken thighs.
Follow her advise.
The meat is very tender, and you don't end up with a giant pan full of grease,
which is what happens if you use thighs with skin.
I used thighs and skin.
I didn't get any sauce which is my favorite part of this dish.
It's good over quinoa.

But I have to confess, I have a similar chicken recipe.
Mine is made with honey instead of maple syrup, and I like the honey much better.
Try it both ways and see what you think.

Now it's your turn.
What have you been inspired to make lately???


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Tanya said...

I happened to make something this weekend just becuase my kids were home! :) And we all loved it!
And to answer your other post, my SIL has a board of "recipes I will never try again". :)