Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Friday already?
Wow, time just flies.
It seems like I was just sitting on the sofa watching bears on television.
And here it is the weekend again.

I had big plans to do a Inspired by Pinterest Linky Party this week,
and somehow it didn't happen.
So I guess I will do it Monday,
which means you have PLENTY of notice.

Suck it up and take a picture of something you've made -- even food.
And if you are still in the Pinterest dreamer phase,
and haven't gotten around to making anything yet . . . .
get your butt off the couch and do it this weekend!!
I'm sure you've been salivating over a recipe or two.
(Wow, that was harsh, huh? I mean business.)

I'm scrambling to get my house cleaned up
before everyone gets home from school and work.

While I'm scrambling, enjoy this new recording from Sarah Sample.
Love this woman.
Love her music.
It speaks to my soul.


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