Friday, March 9, 2012

Speak Your Mind

I've been messing around in Photoshop today.
I got a new version of the program,
and I'm having the hardest time figuring everything out.
I really hate it when programmers change a good thing, don't you?
(Google -- that last statement includes you.)

It took me a while, but I finally got the hang of it.

Which of these photos do you like most, if it were made into a little charm for a necklace??

For those of you who are wondering . . .
this are images of the LDS Temple in San Diego, taken by moi.



Puttin' Down Roots said...

#1 or #6

Is this for girls camp?

Bethany said...

First one. :)

Jenni said...

3&4 I love the most, but honestly any of them are beautiful!!! I like those the best because you just see the temple and no trees...

...speaking of temples, while on the island of Oahu, we drove past the temple and it just sparkled against the lush tropical rainforest! It was stunning! I just remember seeing this white castle, it seemed, appear in the mountains of green!

Eunice said...

I really like # 2 because it's so unique. Next would be #3.

Tanya said...

I love the first one and the last two. Having only been to San Diego once, the other shots were not recognizable to me. ;) However, the "unique" perspective is a really cool idea!

Chessa said...

I love #3&4..they would be perfect for your project:-)!

Kristi said...

3 or 5