Friday, March 2, 2012


Another shirt ruined!
I swear this happens to me at least twice a week.
It drives me nuts.
It's usually a grease stain from the kitchen,
but today it was mole sauce.
(Pronounced mo-lay, and no, it's not sauce made with rodent parts.)
It was embarrassing because I was eating lunch with friends.
My server did not bring any napkins.
Mole was everywhere!

Good thing Dyana had a Tide Stick in her car.
Even so, this probably won't come out.
Mole sauce is brutal.

I've got such a pile of stained shirts accumulating in my closet,
that I think I can use them to weave a rug.
I saw one on Pinterest last week made with hula hoop frame calling my name.

A rug would be cool, but I'd prefer to solve the problem of wrecking my wardrobe.
Does anyone have a tried and true secret for getting out oil stains?
Cuz seriously, I've tried EVERY. THING.
Corn starch.
Soaking in Tide.
Tide stick.
Grandmas Stain Remover.
Murphy's Oil Soap.
Scrubbing with a tooth brush.
Nothing. Works.

Every time I try something new,
I get excited to see if I've finally found the answer.
I take the grease shirt out of the dryer,
put it on, take a look in the mirror, and
BAM -- the stain is still there.

Sooo bugged about this.
Looks like I will be buying t-shirts in bulk this summer.
Old Navy, will you give me a discount?



The Lucksters said...

I use (and it always works) ERA. You have to pour some on the spot/spots (preferably) before washing. I scrub it in real good, and let it sit overnight or when ever I do laundry next. Sometimes when I dont see spots until Im folding clean laundry (My husbands spots)I have to do it again, and again. The dryer makes it harder to get out, but with persistance, and I am persistant, it comes out. Good luck.

Janelle said...

I swear by goop for grease stains. Love it.

Kristi said...

I dropped butter on my brand new dress last sunday. I was bummed, because I am the worst stain remover ever, but i used dish soap and it came out! good luck!

Colleen said...

Olive oil. Its never the same.

Jen said...

I've always had luck getting oil stains out with Joy dish soap. I've never had a peice of clothing ruined by an oil stains because of it, I've even been able to get horrible chapstick stains out of clothes with it. My duaghter and husband both have a bad habit of leavign chapstick in thier pockets on occaision.

Terrie said...

I'm not sure I ever make it through a meal without getting something on my shirt! My kids are always giving me a hard time about it. I joke that I should just start wearing the bibs like they do at the old folks home!! Good luck...I think I'll be trying some of the above hints! And I pinned the same rug tutorial! Maybe we can compare rugs?? :)

tarynn said...

I usually try dish soap first. I rub it in pretty well and then wash ASAP. If that doesn't work, I soak the garment in OXY clean. Here's a hot tip: never put the item in the dryer until you know the stain is out! Air dry it first :)

Family of 4.... said...

I use Oxyclean on the girls' stuff because they always spill. It works pretty well. Also, if it doesn't come out the first time, air dry and then spray again and sometimes I have forgotten about the item and then re-washed it and stuff comes out. Like a week later. I use the Max Spray, not the regular oxyclean you put in the wash, but have heard that works good too.

I know how you feel though. Hate getting stains on clothes that don't come out.


Sarah said...

I use my homemade's the lye-based kind and you rub it in. The key is to not put it through the dryer until you see no stain.

Natasha and Jesse said...

I know this is a late comment but growing up my mom would always use Lestoil. You might have to look around for it since I'm not sure which stores actually sell it, but it does work. Oh, and it has a very strong smell- just be warned.

Natasha and Jesse said...

One more thing- the key is to not put the shirt in the dryer until the stain is completely gone otherwise the heat sets it...