Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Speaking of Inspired By . . .

For some reason, I've been getting a lot of emails telling me that "comment" isn't working on the blog.  It must be a Google glitch, because I've had the same problem when I try to comment on Blogger too.

I had to share this comment left by Kristen K. about yesterday's post, because I am in complete agreement, and have been thinking the very same thing.


Blogger has pretty much blocked me out on word recognition on most blogs for the last month.  So frustrating. I think lots of Blogger bloggers are losing comments due to this bizarre glitch.

ANYWAY, here’s my comment from your pinterest post this week:

I've tried several Pinterest recipes that were total failures.  I wish people would categorize - "want to try" or "tried and loved" or whatever.  Just cuz it is pretty, doesn't mean it will work.

Don't bother with the dehydrated strawberries floating around.  FAIL!

I must say I've also tried a few that were delicious but only from the original pinner.


I've tried several recipes that were not that great,
even though they claimed to be "The Best Ever!!"
Is is bad form to make Boards that say
 "Tried and Failed", and
"Tried and Liked"

Any thoughts?

(And by the way, if you can't leave a comment here, you are welcome to email: crystalbeutler@msn.com)

P.S.  I am ashamed of those of you who I KNOW create amazing things, and didn't share yesterday. :)



Jenni said...

i didn't even see that post, you know i have had lots to link up with lately if you have been reading my blog. my sewing machine and i have become best friends! also, i have tried a few new recipes!!!! delicious!

crystal b. said...

You have to link up! I've seen all the fun stuff you've been making. You go girl! If I come out there, we should do sewing as one of the projects!

Bethany said...

That last line made me laugh. You're awesome. :)

People have also been mentioning problems commenting on my blog - not that I post much lately - and I don't have word verification, so it must be universal. My e-mail feed quit working, too.

Terrie said...

I tried to leave a comment the other day too...don't remember what blog it was actually, so I think there are some issues. I didn't get notification of the past 3 posts from your blog...so I had some additional reading tonight! I have a 'pins I've tried' board...so why not have a 'pins that didn't work' board. Would be a great PSA! I actually tried a pin that was supposed to make Mountain Dew glow...found out it was a hoax, so I comment on every one I see to let them know it's a hoax. Well, I'm off to be 'Pin'spired!!

Kristi said...

I am ashamed of myself. I haven't done much besides knitting- same old stuff- and trying to clean my craft room. but I am working on something now, so the next time you do a linky party, I will be ready to go!- and I think it is a great idea to have different recipe categories on pinterest- I should to that- but I know I did try something, and no one liked it, so I deleted that pin. I guess I could have commented on it to say we didn't like it!

Family of 4.... said...

I hate those stupid comment verification words that I can't read. It takes 3x to get them right. I believe they are all over as I tried to comment on a website that had them (not blogger related) and my comment did not show up.

I have not really made anything on Pinterest that I liked. I agree there should be a try/fail, etc. board for recipes.

Nothing to link up with lately as have not been doing any creating at all. Bummed about that but hopefully it will change.