Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Stars Aligned

I was sick today with the flu, so I didn't do much but sit on the sofa with a blanket and my laptop.

Claire and Matt, who were not sick,
joined me when they got home from church services.
It was a risky move sitting next to someone with the flu,
but they are tough as nails so we all thought it was safe.

We settled on a National Geograph special about Casey Anderson, a man who studies grizzly bears around the Tetons, and Yellowstone Park areas.  It was amazing.

As I watched, I simultaneously tapped away on my computer, booking hotel rooms in Hawaii for our upcoming trip this summer.

At one point, when a bear started approaching Casey out in the wild, I made a comment about a friend of mine who's husband survived a bear attack in the Tetons about 15 years ago, and lived to tell the tale.   I said Claire, if you ever see a bear charging towards you, don't run, play dead.  It saved Mike's life.  That may sound like odd advice, but you just never know.  Last year at this time, Claire faced three wild pigs in total darkness on her first night in the Arizona desert.

A few minutes later, with the bear program still running, a question came up about Lance Armstrong.  It was way off topic, but I wondered what he's been up to these days, since I haven't heard much about him in a while.   Matt said I don't know, I haven't heard much either, and that was the end of that.

Once I finished booking hotels, I hopped on Facebook.
Fasten your seatbelt because this the when the stars aligned.
I kid you not, this really happened.

Mike Dunn, who's currently vacationing in Hawaii with his family,  posted a story about seeing Lance Armstrong today while out on a bike ride!  Just look at my Facebook page and you will see it right there, plain as the nose on your face.

While I was watching Yellowstone bears on TV, booking hotels in Hawaii and talking about Mike; Mike the bear survivor was riding his bike in Hawaii and talking to Lance Armstrong.

Even stranger, is the fact that I haven't seen Mike for about 20 years -- when he was in San Diego with his wife running a marathon of some sort.  (I did, however, have breakfast with his wife about 6 weeks ago, so I guess I should disclose that. :)

I think the Solar Flare is working some kind of mojo at the Beutler house.
And by the way, I've been talking about solar flares too.
I hope that doesn't add to the weirdness.
I'd hate to have my house to disappear into thin air or something.
But if it does, you will have something to talk about, won't you!



Eunice said...

Only you! I still want to hear more about the bear attack. He really just laid down and played dead!? I bet he wet his pants too!

Jenni said...

that is crazy!

that dang solar flare is messing with my internet and i would appreciate it if it would stop messing with my wifi! ha!

what part of hawaii are you vacationing? i was married there you!

Eve said...

Freaky! It's like you have espn or something. (Mean Girls quote of the day)