Friday, March 9, 2012

The Voice

I'm sitting at the kitchen counter working on taxes.
I know . . . . thee worst, huh?
Try having a birthday on April 15th.  Double worst.

Just now, Eden, who's upstairs, burst out in song.
Something by Adele.
Not just one line -- the entire score!
He's warbling at the top of his lungs.
So loud the neighbors can hear him, with the windows closed!

What is going on up there?
Eden hates to sing.
H.A.T.E.S with a capital HATES.
I probably shouldn't use that word, but that's how much he dislikes singing.

I think he might be making a YouTube video.
I rarely, if ever, hear him sing like he's auditioning for The Voice. 
He sounds like a dying pubescent cat.
Eden's a pretty good singer, when he tries.
This is not trying.

It's tempting to sneak upstairs and record the whole thing through a crack in the doorway.
 America's Funniest Videos . . . this might be a contender.

But I won't, which is really, really nice of me,
considering I'm The Meanest Mom In the World.



Terrie said...

I'm working on trying to get everything together for taxes too! So NOT my favorite thing to do...was hoping to be done a month ago, but have been in bed for almost 5 weeks!

So, anyways...I was going to record our son belting out a 70's song in the car on vacation this summer, but we got a phone call (sometimes having our calls come through the car is not a good thing.)...and I didn't get to record it. So bummed, it would have been awesome to listen to later...he doesn't EVER sing out loud! I'll vote for always sneaking up and recording!! Fun post! :)

Bethany said...

You are a much nicer mom than I. :)

Bec said...

My mom's bday is on April 15th and has long complained that everything bad happened on her birthday. Well, besides her being born that is!

Kristi said...

so fun- just watched the video. my kids think I think I am pretty funny too. Actually I do think I am pretty funny. (haha) and also among the meanest mom's out there! we need to meet up one day. I think we would have lots of fun!