Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg Hunt

Happy Easter weekend friends.

We will be celebrating the Savior's atonement on Sunday,
and eating ham and funeral potatoes . . . you?

Oh yes, and consuming lots of candy.
I keep trying to ban it in the Easter baskets lieu of swim suits and sun screen,
somehow, it keeps reappearing.

I just can't stay away from the malted eggs, and the chocolate bunnies.

I'm still on the hunt for Brach's Robin's eggs.  
If anyone sees them around Temecula,
give me a hollar.



Family of 4.... said...

Darn, wish I'd known. I picked some up in Target up here. But they were whoppers - was that what you wanted to buy?


Jenni said...

you and those eggs! ha! your teeth are thanking you that you can't find them! i remember your post about them last year!

i LOVE funeral potatoes - my sister in law makes them when i beg her! fave potatoes ever!

happy easter!!!

Eunice said...
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Eunice said...

Love the bunny cartoon. Where did you find it?