Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inside Looking Out

Working furiously away at my desk mid-morning,
 trying to get a special birthday present finished,

I suddenly became acutely aware of noise.
It had been going on in the background for several minutes,
but right then, it was as though someone had turned up the volume
to the highest setting on the remote --
Mad chirping, squawking,  and frantic fluttering.

The thought came to me as I wound wire around pearls . . .
Those birds are driving me nuts!!!!

A few minutes passed, when it occurred to me,
we hadn't had pet birds in our house for over 9 years.

I looked over at the window, and there were the culprits --
two tiny birds flapping at the glass.

I felt so sorry for them,
trapped in a house while outside,
their crying hungry babies were hidden among the roses.

Elphie noticed them at the very same moment as me,
which did not help matters at all.
Crazy barking ensused.

This happens quite a bit during Springtime,
when I leave the doors open.
Birds in the house, and barking.

Have you ever tried to save a frightened bird,
with a crazy dog nipping at your heels?
It's not as easy as it may seem.

Sometimes it takes all day --
as you wait until the little creature tires of darting from room to room.
One only hopes that the poor thing doesn't shatter a wing,
or die in the process.
It's sad to find a bird lying lifeless next to the window.

I learned today that my critter removal method,
brooms and heavy blankets
may not be the best way to rescue a bird.

Lying on the floor discarded by Claire,
was an old t-shirt,
so worn it was almost thread bare.
I picked it up, and gently placed it around one of the  birds.

She instantly calmed,
which surprised me.

Was it a soft hand
holding her like a nest,
rather than a prison
that allowed the bird to trust,
and not fight as I gently set her free?

It took a little longer to help the second bird,
a Robin -- my favorite.
I've never seen one in Temecula,
but there she was, sitting on top of
the pot rack among the frying pans.
She stayed there for an hour or two.

But in time she flew to the window
and felt the calm of shirt and hands.
I walked outside and opened the t-shirt bundle
and off the Robin flew to join the choir in the trees.

The music was beautiful.
Such a contrast to the shrieking only moments before,
when two unfortunates were trapped behind the glass.

They have lessons to teach me.
They do.



Terrie said...

LOVE that watch!!
I think I would have been the one squawking if there were 2 birds in my house. Think I'll leave the door closed today and just open the window. :)

Bethany said...

Poor birds! Way to rescue, Crystal! Hope they didn't leave "presents" behind!

Eve said...

Wow! What a nurturing woman. I would've freaked and hid in the other room until Greg got home.

Kristi said...

birds freak me out. I don't know what I would have done. -it isn't warm enough here yet to keep the doors open, and when it is warm enough there will be too many misquitos!
and that watch is beautiful!