Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On the Road to Eagle

It was a lovely weekend here in Temecula.
Blue skys and warm sunshine.
 We've already had triple digit weather!

Monday it was back to cold and drizzly.
You just never know what you are going to wake up to this time of year.
You too?

We had a garage sale Saturday.

A fundraiser for Eden's Eagle Scout project.
It involved lots and lots of work.
But it was fun.

Eden's favorite part was talking to all the customers.
He's a natural.
This lady was hilarious.

We made enough money to cover the costs of the Eagle project --

300 stuffed animals made out of recycled socks.

We are sending them to an orphanage in India,
for children are suffering from aids or tuberculosis.
They are considered contageous,
so they don't get touched by human hands much.
The stuffed animals will mean a lot to them.

We are working through the Gingham Project,
who will hand deliver the dolls to the children.
Have you heard of them?
If not, you need to pay their site a visit.
They are doing so much good to help the children of Tamil Nadu,
but they could use some help.

I'm excited about this Eagle project, it helps in three ways:
recycling old into new,
teaching teens basic sewing skills,
and helping children who have so little.

I'm looking forward to the "making the stuffed animal" part of the project.
That won't happen until summer.
The girls at church will be making them at camp.

If you have any lone socks hanging out in your laundry room,
send them our way,
won't you?



Kim said...

This looks like an awesome project!!! Can't wait to hear more about this over the summer.

Rosie said...

this is woderful!! What kind of socks are you looking for? Im certain I have basics but nothing as cute as your pictures!