Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rock On

Have I mentioned that I will be going to girls camp this summer?
I am!

Super excited about it.
I love being with the young women.
They are so much fun.

Today we went on a fitness walk to get ready for the big 11 mile hike.

Claire rocked the grandma shoes and socks.
(She claimed she lost her walking shoes and took mine.)

I was stationed at one of the pit stops - the photo op stop.
Girls who volunteer for the bottom of the pyramid rock.

This year I'm in charge of camp music.
It's a challenge trying to each over 360 people songs without spending a ton of money.
And an even greater challenge is trying to teach several girls how to play those songs on the ukelelee,
so they can be the camp band.
You may recall that Claire, Haley and I have been taking lessons.
It's not going too well.

I've tried several things, one of them being a blog where the girls can go to view words to the songs.
Meetings at my house where the girls can practice.
It's hard when everyone is busy with school, sports, dating and other extra corricular activities.

A few days ago, Eden suggested Garage Band.
I've seen that little guitar floating at the  bottom of my computer screen, but I've never opened it,
until today.
In case you've never clicked on the guitar,
its a program that allows you to record music
and copy it to a file.
You can even put that copy in your iTunes folder!
Who knew!!

I was a little nervous about singing solo.
My kids tell me I sound like a warbling grandma.
Kind of a bummer, when you like to sing to the radio in the car.
So, I called my friend Kristen and asked to come jam with me.
She stopped by 30 minutes before it was time to pick up school kids,
and in 30 minutes, we cranked out our first two numbers.

I messed around a little,
and after a frustrated Eden yelled instructions while making a snack in the kitchen,
I managed to create music files.

It was so exciting!
Not the listening to yourself sing part --
the figuring out how to use a computer program and teach girls how to sing part,
and adding the file to Spotify so I could share it!

I love days when things go your way, don't you!!

I give you I Will, written by Hiliary Weeks . . .
sung by yours truly and Kristen C.
Remember, if you are brave enough to listen,
we are two average moms,
who recorded these in-between errands and picking up car pool.

P.S.  If the file didn't open, that means I still need to learn how file share.



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